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FLATLAND VIDEO was started in 2004.  Since then we've continued to grow despite some bumps.  A handful of loyal Flatland Members, a few occasional renters and many donations of videos have enabled Flatland Video to survive if not thrive.

Originally my intention was to be able to do this full time and not work anywhere else.  Unfortunately, do to underwhelming support from the community, I've had re-enter the workforce just to keep this business alive.  Though necessity has forced me to make periodic changes, Flatland is Alive.

I have changed my hours several times; this has been mostly to accommodate various work schedules.  If I had more customers - then this would not be an issue, but it is.  Currently I work a grave-yard shift job in order to continue with Flatland.  I occasionally take a day or two off.  I’m my only employee, and need days to myself to get other things done - or if I'm sick, or if I need to go out of town.  It's inconvenient, but mostly for people who call me so infrequently that when they catch me on a day off it annoys them.  The lesson here is call more frequently and you'll be more apprized of changes.


There are still many typos and misspellings - bare with us.  Several titles have no director or year listed - they will be added soon.  We will update this website often. VHS & DVD are listed alphabetically (more or less).  After the title you will see a   D:  this denotes director.  Then there is a one line description (it's harder than you'd think) for most of the movies - these may change in the future.  Then the year of release.

     We have also divided the titles into various categories and genres.  Not all our titles are listed in these sections.  Some have been listed in several categories.

    We also have a section listing a few directors with multiple titles in the collection.  Not every director with multiple titles is listed, but soon they will be.

   There are many things we have that others do not.  There are many, many things we do not have.  We do not have 100s of copies of that movie that just came out yesterday - that's not what we do.  There are other places to secure those titles and you should rent them there.  We will not be offended.  But with a little help from loyal customers who, like you have come this far, we can grow this collection to something very impressive!

A Quick Note About DVDs vs. VHS


  We at FLATLAND love film and though we understand that DVD is in many ways a superior format to VHS, to us it's not about the format, it's about the movies.  DVD gives a great picture and great sound, but one grubby fingerprint, or nick, or scratch and the disk is virtually unwatchable - and what good is a movie that's unwatchable? Conversely, the same grubby fingerprint or scratch on a VHS tape produces a moment or two of difficulty, but it hardly makes the tape as a whole worthless.  Also, many titles are not available on DVD and many may never be.  Last time I checked, the Marx Brothers were not on DVD - that's just one example.  There are others.  But we will and do carry DVDs and we will continue to buy VHS also.  If you like movies as much as we do, you already use both formats.  If you only watch DVD, we suggest you get a VCR - because we have several movies on VHS that you can't get anywhere else in Ithaca, and they're not on DVD.  If you only have a VCR then you should be all right, we have plenty of those, but you should still consider getting a DVD player - they're pretty cheep these days; and soon they'll come out with some other format that costs a whole lot of money and everyone will run out to buy one of those, and then DVD players will be as cheep as VCRs and VCRs will be cheaper than ever!


We do not rent bootlegs - we do not buy bootlegs - if you do, that's your business, but we can't because it is illegal.  However there are times when a film is simply not avalable through a conventional distributer.  These are films that for one reason or another were never officialy realeased/distributed in this country or anywhere - or are now out of print.  In these cases Flatland will carry certain titles in DVD-R format, so as to ensure you are able to see those films which are truely rare.  Please check if you able to view these disks on your DVD player or computer - they are worth it.  VHS copies of these titles will also be available.



Please check out the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDB).  This is a great site where you can find just about every movie ever - cross referenced.  You can see one move - then click on everything about it - like all the other movies by that directer, or actor or set disigner - whatever.  A great way to settle arguments; and a good way to see discriptions beyond what I have space for.