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Atomic Cafe  D: Kevin Rafferty   doc (funny and chilling look at those 'duck and cover' days) '82

American Movie  D: Chris Smith (this dvd contains Coven, the movie this doc. about) 2002


Beyond the Mat  D: Barry W. Blaustein (Surprisingly Poignant Doc on Prof. Wrestlers) '99

Blood in the Face  D: Kevin Rafferty   (Doc on Am.Nazis, Michael Moore does some interviews) '91

Burden of  Dreams  D: Les Blank (doc. about Herzog's Fitzcaraldo ) Great '82

Benjamin Smoke  D: Jem Cohen & Peter Sillen doc. (underground trans-gen-rock hero) 2003


Capturing the Friedmans  D:              doc (sex abuse scandal rocks family and community) 2003

Charles Manson Superstar  D: Nikolas Schreck  doc ( interesting, lots of interviews with CM) '89

Crumb   D: Terry Zwigoff    (intimate doc. about comic artist R. Crumb and his dysfunctional family) '94


Dark Days   D: Marc Singer  doc. (homeless community living in NYC subway tunnels) 2000

David Blaine:Fearless (Sometimes he's a little cheesy, but overall amazing close up magic)

David Holzman's Diary    D: Jim McBride (David Holzman recording his life as it falls apart) '67

Devil's Playground D: Lucy Walker  doc.  (Amish youth running wild) 2001

Dogtown and Z-boys   D: Stacy Peralta  doc. (excellent skate board doc about early days) 2002


Edie Sedgwick CIAO! Manhattan  D:            almost doc. (rise & fall of Warhol superstar) '72


Eye's of Tammy Faye, the D: Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato doc (about life after scandel w/ Tammy Feye)      


Farewell Good Brothers  D: Robert Stone (examines several UFO 'cults' and personalities)

Farm, the  D: Jonathan Stark and Liz Garbus   doc (Life inside Angola Prison) '98

Fast, Cheap & Our of Control D: Errol Morris (a lion tamer, topiary gardner, robot builder & mole rat expert) '96

Female Misbehavior D: Monika Treut  doc (w/ Camille Paglia & Annie Sprinkle)

Fetishes D: Nick Broomfield  doc (Inside 'Pandoras Box' an upscale bondage house in NYC)

Filth&The Fury,the D:Julian Temple doc(about the sex pistols, w/ interviews now & then)


Gates of Heaven  D: Errol Morris  doc (poignant and funny about pet cemetery)

Genghis Blues doc (Blind blues man Paul Pennia visits lands of harmonic throat singing)


Heavy Petting  D: Obie Benz  doc ( interviews with many popular figures about sex socialization)

High Lonesome  D: Rachel Liebling   doc (-the story of bluegrass music featu. Ralph Stanley)

Hollywood Madam  D: Nick Broomfield  doc ( about Hiedi Fleiss who ran call girl service for the rich and famous)

Hated - G.G. Allin & the murder junkies  D: Tod Phillips  (this material may disturb some) '93

Haxan- witchcraft through the ages  D:            silent doc (w/narr by William S. Burroughs) '22/'68

Hype!             D: Doug Pray  doc (Seattle Rock Doc) '96

Hearts of Darkness D: Fax Bahr & Geo. Hickenlooper  doc (-the apocalyptic making of Apocalypse Now) very good '91

Heroes & Tyrants of the 20th Century - Gandhi      short-tv-doc


Incident at Oglala - the Leonard Peltier Story  D: Michael Apted (American Indian Movement) '92


Keep the River on Your Right  D:David Shapiro, Laurie Gwen  doc(Tobias Schneedbaum who twice lived with cannibals)

Kurt & Courtney D: Nick Broomfield  doc ( posits the possibility that Courtney Love had Kurt Cobain killed)

Knights Templar   D:                doc  (several episodes about Templar History)


Land of Look Behind, the  D: Alan Greenberg  doc (about Rasta-culture) '82

The Last Waltz   D: Martin Scorsese doc (The Band's Last Concert w/lots of guests) '78

"Lets's Get Lost"   D: Bruce Weber  doc (Chet Bakers  swan-song; he died soon after) '88

Lifestyle, the  D: David Schisgall (examines 'swinging in America')   

Lost in La Mancha      D:              doc (W/ Terry Guillem, movie making disasters; again)


Man Who Bought Mustique,the  D: Joseph Bullman  doc (a man who bought and lost and Island) 2001

Man Who Saw Tomorrow   D: Robert Guenette  doc (Orson Welles nar. this 70s Nostradamus doc.) '81

Mr. Death   D; Errol Morris  doc ( a guy who builds execution devices for prisons) -great-

Mickey Mouse Goes to Haiti  D:               doc(-"Walt Disney & the science of exploitation")

Mondo Cane  D: Gualtier Jacopetti  doc (one of the original Shock-Travelogue type flicks) '63

Mondo Cane 2 D: Gualtier Jacopetti   doc ( continuing quest for strange and 'bizarre' customs) '63

Melies the Magician  D: Jacques Meny   doc(incld.15 shorts from GeoMelies earlyFX wiz) doc '93 shorts 1898-'05


Noam Chompsky:   Distorted Morality   lec ( Americas war on terror?)

Noam Chompsky:   Manufacturing Consent   doc (Noam Chompsky and the media)


One Nation Under God  D: Teodoro Maniaci & Francine Mirzeznik doc ( ex-gay movement, and how it backfired)

Orson Welles - F for Fake  D:Orson Welles  doc(About greatest art forger, or is he a fake)


Paradise Lost     D:                doc( about local gothic kids accused of brutal child murder)

Paradise Lost 2 - revelations  D:         doc(update on the ongoing case) -both are gripping-

Partisans of Villa   D: Josh Waletzky  doc (about the French resistance in WWII) '86

Party Monster - the shockumentary  D: Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato  doc(people the other movie is based on)

Perfect Candidate, A   D:                    doc( Oliver North's failed bid for congress)


Road Scholar   D:              (Andrei Codrescu (from NPR) travels this strange land of ours)


R.I.P. -rest in pieces   D: Robert Adrian Pejo   doc ( A portrait of Joe Coleman -'fringe' artist) '97

Satanis, the Devil's Mass    D: Ray Laurent  doc (about Anton LaVey & the church of Satan) extras '70

Side Show (alive on the inside)              doc( Interviews with and about Side Show Stars)

Sick: the life and death of Bob Flanagan Supermasochist  D:Kirby Dick  doc(very good -not4faint)

Spellbound    D: Jeffrey Blitz   doc (engrossing doc about kids @ national spelling bee) 2002

Streetwise     D: Martin Bell  doc (about Seattle's street kids, from a Life Magazine art.) '84

Swimming to Cambodia  D: Jonathan.Demme (Spalding Gray's monologue) very good '87


Theremin - an electronic odyssey D: Steven M. Martin  doc (That 50sSciFi, Beach Boys sound's a Theremin) '95

Thirty-two Short Films About Glenn Gould   D: Francois Girard (interesting person/movie)

Thin Blue Line  D:  Errol Morris  doc (this film played a crucial part in getting it's subject out of prison) '88

Tigrero - the film that never was D:                      doc(Jim Jarmusch & Samuel Fuller travel)

Trekkies     D: Roger Nygard   doc (Verry funny, not just for Star Trek Fans!!!) '99


Waco - the rules of engagement D: William Gazecki   doc (revelations about FBI handling of Waco) '97




            Cult  (hard to find - left of center - camp & kitsch)


Alice   D: Jan Svankajer  (Czech animation master) '88

Attack of the Puppet People  D: Bert I gordon (Evil doll maker shrinks real people for private collection) '58

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes  D: John DeBello ( the title says it all) '77


Barbarella Queen of the Galaxy  D: Rodger Vadim  (Jane Fonda as space vixen out to save the universe) '68                     

Beast from 20,000 Fathoms  D: Eugene Lourie (special FX by Ray Harryhausen) 

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls  D: Russ Meyer (written by Roger Ebert (chubby film-critic) '70

Bucket of Blood  D: Roger Corman (made on shoestring in 72hrs about wanna-be beatnik artist who'd kill for 1st big break) '59

Batman (the movie)  D: Leslie H Martinson  (Adam West / Burt Ward w/commentary) '66

Bloodsucking Freaks  D: Joel M. Reed  (classic gore/shock) '75


Clash of the Titans  D: Desmond Davis (Ray Harryhausen FX of Greek mythology) '81

Cleopatra Jones     D: Jack Starrett  (blaxpoit ) '73


Death Race 2000   D: Paul Bartel (Many would be stars incld. Sly Stalone) '75   

Desperate Living  D: John Waters '77

Detroit 9000    D: Arthur Marks   (70s Blaxploit. action flick re-released on Q.T.'s rolling thunder pics.)

Drive-In Madness             (B-movie trailers with drive in stuff)

Dogs In Space   D: Richard Lowenstein  (w/ Michael (INXS) Hutchinson) '87


Eating Raoul     D: Paul Bartel  (Mr. & Mrs. Bland just want a little restaurant, how can the get the $?) '82

Ed Wood    D:Tim Burton  (Johnny Depp, Martin Landu, Sarah Jessica Parker, Bill Murray)  '94

Ed Wood (look back in angora)    doc. (narrated by SNL types)

Eraserhead  D: David Lynch  '77


Freaked:  D:               (very goofy, strange cast inclds. Bob Cat Golthwait as sock puppet)

Freaks   D:  Todd Browning   (Famous/Infamous 30s horror using actual side-show stars) '32

Fando & Lis  D: Alejandro Jodorowsky   (Caused riot at '68 premier; w/doc about AJ) '68


Groove Tube, the  D: Ken Shapiro (satirical cavalcade of television, w/Richard Belzer) '72


Happiness   D:  Todd Solondz               (disturbingly funny - funnily disturbing) '96

Hardcore Collection - the films of Richard Kern  D; Richard Kern  (w/ Lydia Lunch & Henry Rollins) 84-93

Harder They Come, the  D: Perry Henzell  (Stars Jimmy Cliff) '72


Incubus D: Leslie Stevens  (William Shatner stars in this  Esperanto horror/suspense - the only Esperanto film) '67


Kingdom of the Spiders   D: John Cardos (William Shatner as sheriff of spider ridden town) '77


Mondo Cane  D: Gualtier Jacopetti  doc (one of the original Shock-Travelogue type flicks) '63

Mondo Cane 2 D: Gualtier Jacopetti   doc ( continuing quest for 'strange' and 'bizarre' customs) '63

Meet the Feebles  D: Peter Jackson (It's Like X-rated muppets on drugs - not 4 kids!-) '89

Mighty Peking Man,the   D: Ho Meng-Hua (Quentin Tarrenteno's Rolling Thunder Pics re-release) '77

Multiple Maniacs  D: John Waters   (early Waters with Devine, great music as always) '70

Monty Python's - the meaning of life  D: Terry Jones  '83

Monty Python's Flying Circus         tv  VOLs. (1, 2, 3)   &   (7,8,9)    (more to come)


Naked Lunch  D: David Cronenberg  (Peter Weller stars in movie from Burroghs book) '91 


Plan 9 from Outer Space  D: Ed Wood (it's easy to see why the other eight plans failed)

Psychomania   D: Don Sharp (British B-horror about undead motorcycle gang) '73


Repo Man    D: Alex Cox  (Emilio Estevez, Harry Dean Stanton, punk-rock-must) '83

Rivers Edge  D: Tim Hunter  (Crispen Glover, Dennis Hopper 80s teen-angst classic) '87

Rubin and Ed    D: Trent Harris  (Crispen Glover and Howard Hesseman in strange buddy flick) '92

Rutles, the   D: Gary Weis & Eric Idle  (Mock-Rock-umentary- 'All You Need Is Cash'  band - many cameos)

Reefer Madness   D: Louis Gasnier  (classic 30s drug scare movie) '38

R.I.P. -rest in pieces   D: Robert Adrian Pejo   doc ( A portrait of Joe Coleman -'fringe' artist) '97


Satanis, the Devil's Mass    D: Ray Laurent  doc (about Anton LaVey & the church of Satan) extras '70

Sick: the life and death of Bob Flanagan Supermasochist  D:Kirby Dick  doc(very good -not4faint)

Slacker  D: Richard Linklater  (stream -of- consciousness comedy set in Austin tx) '91

Switchblade Sisters   D: Jack Hill  (Rolling thunder re-release of 70s grrrl-gang flick) '75

Santa Sangre  D: Alejandro Jodorowsky (Rare Film from even Rarer Director) '90  

Sid & Nancy  D: Alex Cox        (w/ Gary Oldman as Sid) '86

Six-String Samurai   D: Lance Mungia  (Buddy Holly meets Kung-Foo meets Road Warrior) '98

Schizopolis   D: Steven Soderbergh  (very strange and funny - too hard to explain) '97

Scotland PA   D:                    (w/ Christopher Walken, Macbeth in 70s PA fast-food motif)

Saragossa Manuscript, the  D: Wojciech Has  (Surreal Journey of many tales in one book -widely revered) '65

Storytelling (uncut version)  D: Todd Solondz    (w/ John Goodman) 2002


Them!   D: Gordon Douglas   (50s drive-in giant ant movie!) '54

Tom Waits:Big Time   D:                         (rare concert film, Waits is Great - as always)

This is Spinal Tap D: Rob Reiner's 1st (mockrockumentary of worlds loudest/worst band) '84

True Stories    D: David Byrne   (quirky slice of life movie, w/ John Goodman and others) '86



      Late Night AM Radio Stuff


Alien Autopsy (fact or fiction?)                                                                                              

America's mysterious places

Arthur C.Clarke's Mysterious World  vol.2   Sea & Lake Monsters

Bermuda Triangle  (incredible mysteries of our planet series)

Chariots of the Gods  D: Harald Reinl  (classic UFO speculation flick based on Erich Von Daniken's book)

Knights Templar   D:                doc  (several episodes about Templar History)

Legend of Bigfoot, the   D:            (not the best Big Foot movie, but I LOVE BIGFOOT!)

Legend of Boggy Creek  D: Charles B. Pierce (one of the Best Big Foot Movies Ever!!!) '75

Nova : UFO's are we alone?             tv

Shadow of the Templars   doc (BBC funded - from the authors of Holy Blood Holy Grail)

Scariest Places on Earth               tv  (Linda Blair hosts) - some stuff pretty scary -

UFOs Are Real               tv

UFO Chronicles             tv


    Animation  (includes puppets and stop action)


Alice   D: Jan Svankajer  (Czech animation master) '88

Alice in Wonderland   (animated Disney)  D: Hamilton Luske '51

Cartoons for Big Kids        (hosted by Leonard Maltin - racy animation from way back)

Emmett Otters Jug Band Christmas   (Jim Henson's classic HBO Christmas special)

Fabulous Fleischer Folio  (vol III)    (Great early animation from the 20s-30s)

Fantasia   D: -several- (original Disney music/animation feast) '40

Famliy Guy     tv animated  Vol 1 (season's one & two)  Vol 2 (season three)

Incredible Mr. Limpet D: Arthur Lubin (Don Knotts as a nebbishy guy turned cartoon fish in search of love) '63

Iron Giant, the  D: Brad Bird   animated  (boy meets robot set during the cold war movie) '99

Meet the Feebles  D: Peter Jackson (It's Like X-rated muppets on drugs - not 4 kids!-)

School House Rock   (cartoon ABC music shorts) 4 vols.  math,science,grammer,hist/gov

Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb  D: David Borthwick  (surreal animation) '93

Simpsons, the    D: many     TV Seasons:  (one)       (two)      (three)

South Park         D: Trey Parker      (- the movie- Bigger, Longer, Uncut)

2000 year-old man, the  D:             (animated version of Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner routines)

Waking Life    D: Richard Linklatter   (animated bookend for Slacker, his1st movie)

Wallace & Grommet  "the wrong trousers"   D: Nick Park  (really good claymation) '95






Alice   D: Jan Svankajer  (Czech animation master) '88

All Ablut My Mother   D: Pedro Almadovar '99 (Spanish)

City of Lost Children  D: Jean-Pierre Jeunet & Marc Daro '95 (on of the best) French

Elegant Criminal, the   D: Francis Girod '92 (French)

Exterminating Angel   D: Luis Bunel '62  (Spanish)

Fando & Lis  D: Alejandro Jodorowsky   (Caused riot at '68 premier; w/doc about AJ) '68

Hail Mary  D: Jean-Luc Godard   (banned in many countries, about a modern virgin birth) '85 (French)

I, The Worst of All   D: Maria Luisa Bemberg  (Spanish)

In a Year of 13 Moons  D: Rainer Werner Fassbinder (German)

Innocence Unprotected   D: Dusan Makevejev  (Yugoslavia) '68

Intervista  D: Fredico Fellini '92

King of Hearts  D: Philippe de Broca  '66

Ma Vie en Rose D: Alain Berliner   ('My Life in Pink', gender-bender about young boy)

My Wife is an Actress  D:  Yvan Attal   (ma femme est une actrice) 2001

Nostalghia  D: Andrei Tarkovsky (Russian in Italian) '83  LTBX

Santa Sangre  D: Alejandro Jodorowsky (Rare Film from even Rarer Director) '90  

Stalker   D: Andrei Tarkovsky (Russian) '92

Steamroller & the Violin, the  D: Andrei Tarkovsky (Russian; lost for many years this is his brilliant student film) '60

Vanishing, the  D: George Sluizer '88




Arbuckle & Keaton Collection , the best of  (Fatty and Buster, remastered silents)

Charles Chaplin  @  Keystone Studios  (1914)  Vol 1

                               @   Essanay Studios   (1915)  Vol 1 

                               @    Essanay Studios   (1915) Vol 2

Charles Chaplin;   The Circus & A Day's Pleasure  D: Charles Chaplin  '28/'19

General, the   D:  Buster Keaton '27 -silent-

Melies the Magician  D: Jacques Meny   doc(incld.15 shorts from GeoMelies earlyFX wiz) doc '93 shorts 1898-'05

Metropolis   D: Fritz Lang      (silent masterpiece) '26

Nosferatu  D: F.W. Murnau  (silent Vampire movie, based on Dracula - still great!) '22

Our Hospitality   D: Buster Keaton  (silent Buster Keaton comedy) '23



            Action (includes some action/comedy  action/suspense flicks)


Beyond the Poseidon Adventure  D: Irwin Allen (The ship continues to sink) '79

Behind Enemy Lines   D: John Moore  2001

Dirty Harry         D: Don Segel  (Clint Eastwood as a bad ass cop in SanFran) '71  

Escape from New York  D: John Carpenter  (in the future NYC is a no-escape prison) '81

Fight Club  D: David Fincher

48 Hrs.  D:  Walter Hill  (Eddie Murphy & Nick Nolte; cop and con buddy flick) '83

Hard Way, the   D: John Badham (James Woods as NYPD, M.J. Fox as Action Hero studying for a part) Very Funny '91

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade D: Steven Speilberg ( w/ Sean Connery as Indiana's dad) '89

Professional, the  D: Luc Besson  (Hit Man saves young girl and trains her in the business) '94

Remo Williams - the adventure begins...  D: Guy Hamilton  (and ends - this was the only one) '85

Reservoir Dogs   D:  Quentin Tarantino  (Robbery gone very very bad) '92

Sugarland Express, the   D: Steven Speilberg  (1st S.S. film, true story, Goldie Hawn) '74        

True Romance            D: Tony Scott

Training Day     D: Antoine Fuqua  (Denzel Washington as corrupt cop) 2001

Taking of Pelham one two three, the D: Joseph Sargent (70s, very good,  Q.T. rips this one off big) '74

Taxi Driver   D: Martin Scorsese  (w/excellent feature doc on the making of...) '76

Usual Suspects, the  D: Bryan Singer  '95



            War & Western


Bad Company   D: Robert Benton (west) (Jeff Bridges w/ others, about young civil war draft dodgers) '72

Ballad of Cable Hogue  D: Sam Peckinpaw (west) '70

Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid  west D: Gorge Roy Hill '69

Casualties of War  D: Brian DePalma   (Vietnam War movie w/ MJ Fox and Sean Penn) '90

Catch-22   D: Mike Nicoles (Joseph Heller's defiant book becomes sprawling movie) '70

Dead Man    D: Jim Jarmusch  (w/Johnny Depp  cameos by many incld. Iggy Pop) '95

Empire of the Sun  D: Steven Speilberg  (WW II  epic about English boy left in Japan) '87  

Frisco Kid, the   D: Robert Aldrich  (Harrison Ford & Gene Wilder, as Robber and Rabbi) '79

Full Metal Jacket   D: Stanley Kubrick  (one of the best War/Kubrick Films ever) '87

For A Few Dollars More  D: Sergio Leone (Clint Eastwood classic spaghetti  western) '65

Good, the Bad & the Ugly, the  D: Sergio Leone (another classic Eastwood spaghetti western) '66

Hope and Glory   D: John Boorman   (WWII in England) '87

Little Big Man       D: Arthur Penn  (Dustan Hoffman-sole survivor of Little Big Horn) great '70

M*A*S*H*  D: Robert Altman  (the movie-from a book- that started the tv series) '70

Man Called Horse, A  D: Elliot Silverstein (another white guy lives w/ Indians- shows sundance ritual) '70

McCabe & Mrs Miller  D: Robert Altman (west. Warren Beatty,  Julie Christie)                      

Skin Game       D: Paul Bogart   (James Garner and Louis Gosset in con-game) '71

Slaughterhouse Five  D: George Roy Hill      (the film version of Vonogetts book) '72

Victory   D: John Huston  (P.O.W. soccer team plays against Nazis in hopes of escape) '81

Wild Bunch, the      D: Sam Peckinpaw  (brutal western about fading outlaws) '69




Auto Focus D: Paul Schraider  (about tv's Bob Crain (Hogans Hero's) who became a sex addict and was found murdered)'02

Dahmer   D: David Jacobson  '02

Ed Gein  D: Chuck Parello  (Fairly compelling low budge bio-pic of Ed Gein, stays close to the facts)

Elegant Criminal, the   D: Francis Girod '92

Heavenly Creatures  D: Peter Jackson  (true story of matricide by two teenage girlfriends) '94

Henry: portriat of a serial killer  D: John McNaughton  (grim movie about Henry Lee Lucas - well acted) '89

Honeymoon Killers. the    D: Leonard Kastle (classic cult true crime movie) '70

I Shot Andy Warhol   D: Mary Harron  (about Valerie Solanas, creater of S.C.U.M. - who shot Warhol) '96

Onion Field  D: Harold Becker  (young James Woods stars in as true life cop killer) '79

Party Monster D:  Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato (Mac.Caulkin w/Seth Green in Club-Kid Murder Movie)

Sid & Nancy  D: Alex Cox        (w/ Gary Oldman as Sid) '86



            Drug Flicks 


Altered States  D: Ken Russell (William Hurt as a researcher who mixes magic mushrooms with isolation chamber) '80

Drugstore Cowboy  D: Gus Van Sant  (Matt Dillon as a Portland Junkie who knocks over drugstores with his 'crew') '89

Jesus' Son      D: Alison Maclean    '99

Naked Lunch  D: David Cronenberg  (Peter Weller stars in movie from Burroghs book) '91

Pandemonium  D: Julian Temple  (about Collrage & Wordsworth & drugs) 2001

Reefer Madness   D: Louis Gasnier  (classic 30s drug scare movie) '38

Seven-per-cent Solution  D: Herbert Ross  (Dr. Freud helps Sherlock Holmes kick coke)





Color of Money, the  D: Martin Scorsese  (sequel to 'The Hustler'  w/ Newman reprising role as 'Fast Eddie') '86

Grifters, the  D: Steven Frears (John Cusack, Anjelica Huston, Annette Bening - Con Artists)

Hard Eight  D: P.T. Anderson  (Anderson's (Boogie Nights) first movie) '96

Heist    D: David Mamet  (Gene Hackman as a big time theif trying to get out of the businesses, they're always doing that)

House of Games   D: David Mamet '87   

Matchstick Men       D: Ridley Scott  (Nicolas Cage as con-man suffering from OCD) 2003

Skin Game       D: Paul Bogart   (James Garner and Louis Gosset in con-game) '71