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Aashig D: Indra Kumar  (Ballywood Romance) 01

About Schmidt  D: Alexander Payne (Jack Nicolson in late-mid-life crisis road flick) 2003

Adaptation   D: Spike Jonze ( Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep, Chris Cooper) 2002

Adrenazine Drive (Masterful parody of popular Japanese teenage girls' romances)  99

Alucarda    D: Juan Lopez Moctezuma  (High caliber Spanish horror/witch-hunt type film) 75

American Buffalo  (A junk shop owner & friends plain a heist that may ruin their friendship) 96 American Flyers D: John Badham   (Brother compete in Hell Of The West bike race) 85

American Movie  D: Chris Smith (this dvd contains Coven, the movie this doc. about) 2002

American Splendor D: Robert Pulcini & Shari Springer Berman (Story about Harvey Pekar) 2003

An American in Paris (Struggling American painter in Paris, is "discovered")  51

Andy Kaufman  - The Andy Kaufman Show  tv (from PBS Soundstage)

Andy Kaufman - The Midnight Special  tv

Andy Kaufman - Im From Hollywood  (Chronicles Andy's wrestling career)

Anger Management D: Peter Segal (Sandler forced to take anger management from Nickolson) ’03

Arbuckle & Keaton Collection , the best of  (Fatty and Buster, remastered silents)

The Arival (I & II) D: David Twohy  (An astrophysics receives a message from the stars)  96

Assault on Precinct 13 D: John Carpenter  (A Gang makes a blood pact to strike back at police) 76 

Auto Focus D: Paul Schraider  (about tv's Bob Crain (Hogans Heros) who became a sex addict and was found murdered) 02


Badge, the      D: Robby Henson  (w/Billy Bob Thorton)  2002

Bataan D: Tay Garnett (Japan invades Philippines & the US Army attempts a desperate defense) 43

Batman (the movie)  D: Leslie H Martinson  (Adam West / Burt Ward w/commentary) 66

Before Sunrise D: Richard Linklater  ( A chance encounter on a train leads to a 14hr romance) 95

Behind Enemy Lines   D: John Moore  2001

Believer, the   D: Henry Bean  (based on actual person who was a Jewish nazi-skinhead) 2001

Benjamin Smoke  D: Jem Cohen & Peter Sillen doc. (underground trans-gen-rock hero) 2003

Besieged  D: Bertolucci (A woman in exile in Italy lives with a man while her husband is in jail) 98

The Best Year of our Lives D: Wyler (3 American servicemen return home after WW II) (very good) 46

Black Beauty D: Caroline Thompson  94

Bloodsucking Freaks  D: Joel M. Reed  (classic gore/shock) 75

Blue Ridge Fall D: J. Rowe (Small town Jocks get it all – but can they get away with murder too?)  99

The Bonfire of the Vanities D: Brian De Palma (Infamous for not being as good as the book)  90

Boxing Helena  (A bizarre flick about an sergion obsessed with his own personal ‘venis de milo’) 93

Breathless (Remake of classic - A bad boy on  crime spree & his sultry girlfriend of the minute) 83

Burglar (Woopie as a  burglar using her skills to clear her name of a murder she didn’t commit)  87

Business of Strangers, the  D: Patrick Stettner  2002


Cabin Boy  D: Adam Resnick   (have this one in VHS too – see description there) 94

The Cable Guy D: Ben Stiller (After a free hook up Brodrick is stalked by cable man Jim Carrey.) 96 

Capturing the Friedmans  D:              doc (sex abuse scandal rocks family and community) 2003

Cast Away D: R. Zemeckis (Hanks is a ‘type-A’ Fed-Ex worker – until he’s stranded on an island) 02

Carnival of Souls & Horror Hotel  D: Herk Harvey / John Llewellyn Moxey   (After a traumatic         accident, a woman becomes drawn to a mysterious abandoned carnival.  / A young coed (Nan    Barlow) uses her winter vacation to research a paper on witchcraft in New England)   62 / 60 

Casualties of War  D: Brian DePalma   (Vietnam War movie w/ MJ Fox and Sean Penn) 90

The Cell  D: Tarsem Singh (A shrink enters a serial killers  comatose mind to  save his victim) 00

Charles Manson Superstar  D: Nikolas Schreck  doc ( interesting, lots of interviews with CM) 89

Charlie Chaplin  First National Collection  (5 movies)

City of Lost Children  D: Jean-Pierre Jeunet & Marc Daro 95 (on of the best) French 98

Classic Commercials  Vol. I & II   (Remember all those goofy commercials from the 50s and 60s?  Sure you don’t!  But now you don’t have to…they’re all here.) 

Cleopatra Jones     D: Jack Starrett  (blaxpoit )  73

Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind  D: Steven Speilberg

Colors D: Dennis Hopper  (Sean Penn & Robert Duval)

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind  D: Geo. Clooney (Chuck "Gong Show" Barris Story) 2002

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (Epic Kung-Fu Sword Drama w/Yun-Fat Chow & Michelle Yeoh)


Dancer in the Dark  D: Lars Von Trier ( w/ Bjork as a factory worker lost in musicals and going blind -heartwrenching) '99

Dahmer   D: David Jacobson  2002

Dark Days   D: Marc Singer  doc. (homeless community living in NYC subway tunnels) 2000

Dersu Uzalz D: Akira Kurosawa   75

Devil's Playground D: Lucy Walker  doc.  (Amish youth running wild) 2001

Diner   D:  Barry Levinson (all star cast of would-be's to many to mention - funny comeing of age film) '82

Dog Day Afternoon   D: Sidney Lumet (true story of a Brooklyn bank robbery gone awry w/ Al Pachino) very good '75

Donnie Darko D: Richard Kelly  (With a nod to "Harvey"; a dark tale about a strange boy with visions of a evil rabbit) 2001

Don't Look in the Basement  D: S.F. Brownrigg  '73

Down by Law   D:  Jim Jarmusch  (great 2nd movie from Jarmusch with Roberto Bennini, Tom Waits and John Lurie) '86

Down With Love   D:  Peyton Reed  (Renee Zellweger & Ewan Mcgregor) 2003

Dreamcatcher    D: Lawrence Kasden  (based on Steven King story) 2002


Ecstacy of the Angels D: Koji Wakamastu (Revolutionary terrorist group(s) in Tokyo in the 60s.)  72

Edie Sedgwick CIAO! Manhattan  D:            almost doc. (rise & fall of Warhol superstar) '72

Empire of the Sun  D: Steven Speilberg  (WW II  epic about English boy left in Japan) '87


Fando & Lis  D: Alejandro Jodorowsky   (Caused riot at'68 premier; w/doc about AJ) '68

Famliy Guy     tv animated  Vol 1 (seasons one & two)  Vol 2 (season three)

Fargo   D: Joel Coen  (William H. Macy, Steve Buschemie, Francese McDormet; Murder in North Dakota) '96

Fear dot.com      D: William Malone 2003

Fight Club  D: David Fincher

Fiddler on the Roof   D: Norman Jewison   (musical) (Broadway play turn big Hollywood movie w/ Topel) good '71

For A Few Dollars More  D: Sergio Leone (Clint Eastwood classic spaghetti  western) '65

Friday the 13th   D: Sean Cunningham (The Original ‘Jason’ Slash-fest) 80

Friday the 13th pt.2   D: Steve Miner '81

Friday the 13th pt. VII -the new blood  D John Cal Buechler '88


Gangs of New York  D: Martin Scorcesse  (Brutal gangs and revenge in 1880s NYC)

Genghis Blues doc (Blind blues man Paul Pennia visits lands of harmonic throat singing)

Ghosts of Mississippi D: Rob Reiner (The final trial of Bryon De La Beckwith (James Woods) 96

Gigi D: Vincente Minelli   Romance with music about a richy in love with a care-free courtesan 58

Glengarry Glenross  D: James Foley  (All star cast in Mamet drama about real-estate salesmen on the skids) '92

Going Overboard  (A struggling young comic (Sandler) takes a menial job on a cruise ship) 89

Goldmember (Mike Myers & Mike Myers &  Mike Myers &  Mike Myers back for another spy spoof) 02

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly D: Sergio Leone (another classic Eastwood spaghetti western) '66

The Goodbye Girl D: Herbert Ross– funny/romantic) 77

Goodbye Lover D: Roland Joffe (Ben and Sandra are hot and provocative lovers, but Sandra is unfortunately married to Ben's younger brother Jake, and soon Jake will find out about Ben.) 98

Graduate, the   D: Mike Nicholes  (Dustan Hoffman and others make this one of the best ever) '67 

Groove Tube,the  D: Ken Shapiro (satirical cavalcade of t.v. w/Richard Belzer & Chevy C.) '72

Gypsy D: Mervyn LeRoy (Bio-Pic of  stripper Gypsy Rose Lee & her obsessive stage-mom) - 62






Happiness   D:  Todd Solondz               (disturbingly funny - funnily disturbing) '96

Hardcore Collection - the films of Richard Kern  D; Richard Kern  (w/ Lydia Lunch & Henry Rollins) 84-93

Hated - G.G. Allin & the murder junkies  D: Tod Phillips  (this material may disturb some) '93

Haxan- witchcraft through the ages  D:            silent doc (w/narr by William S. Burroughs) '68

Honeymoon in Vegas (A comedy about one bride, two grooms, and 34 flying Elvises.) 92

House Party (Kid-n-Play’s house party spins out of control when local school thugs show up.) 90

House of Whipcord  D: Pete Walker  (Euroshock Collection) '74

The Hurricane D: Jewison (Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, a boxer wrongly imprisoned for murder.) 99


The Ice Storm  D: Ang Lee (Sexual Revolution in 70s suburbia) 

In the Bedroom  D; Todd Field 2001

In the Mouth of Madness D: Carpenter (Horror writer disappears & Hell is breaking loose iterally!) 95

The Invisibles   D: Noah Stern  '99

The Iron Giant  D: Brad Bird   animated  (boy meets robot set during the cold war movie) '99

It Happened One Night  D: Frank Capra   (w/ Clark Gable & Cladet Coldear) '34


Jason Goes to Hell  D: Adam Marcus  '93


Keep the River on Your Right  D:David Shapiro, Laurie Gwen  doc(Tobias Schneedbaum who twice lived with cannibals)

Kissing Jessica Stein   D: Charles Herman - Wurmfeld  2002

Knights Templar   D:                doc  (several episodes about Templar History)

Kronos: Ravager on Planets  (‘ol  time B-film drive in sci-fi)


Lansky D: J. McNaughten  (Bio-pic of mobster Meyer Lansky explores formation of Las Vegas) 99

The Last Dragon (Young man searches for "master" to obtain the glow.) 85

Last House on the Left, the   D: Wes Craven  (1st W.C. movie, caused much controversy) '72

The Lawnmower Man  (Top secret virtual reality program quickly turns simpleton into evil genius)  92

Laurel & Hardy : UTOPIA (Shipwrecked on an island world powers are fighting for – their last)  51

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman  (Victorian lit. characters fight bad guys during WWI ) 03

Lethal Weapon 4  D: Richard Donner   (Mel Gibson and Danny Glover yet again) ‘98

The Lord of the Rings (Fellowship)   D: Peter Jackson

The Lord of the Rings (The Two Towers)   D: Peter Jackson

Lolita        D: Adrian Lyne (not as good as  Kubrik, or Nabakov, but not bad)  '97

Lost in La Mancha      D:              doc (W/ Terry Guillem, movie making disasters; again)


Ma Vie en Rose D: Alain Berliner   ("My Life in Pink", gender-bender about young boy)

Matchstick Men       D: Ridley Scott  (Nicolas Cage as con-man suffering from OCD) 2003

Melies the Magician  D: Jacques Meny   doc(incld.15 shorts from GeoMelies earlyFX wiz) doc '93 shorts 1898-05

Midsummer Nights Dream, A  D: Michael Hoffman  (many people incld. Kevin Kline) '9

Mighty Wind, A   D: Christopher Guest  (usual gang takes on 60s folk reunions) funny 2003

Mr. Deeds  D: Steven Brill   (Adam Sandler stars in this decent update of classic Capra movie) 2002

Monsoon Wedding    D: Mira Nair  2002

My Wife is an Actress  D:  Yvan Attal   (ma femme est une actrice) 2001

My Left Foot D:J Sheridan (Spastic quadriplegic Christy Brown a famious & cantankerous author) 89


Nat’l  Lampoon’s: Favorite Deadly Sins (tv)  (shorts based around Lust, Greed and Anger) 95

National Lampoon's : Vacation    D: Harold Ramis  (Chevey Chase, Beverly DAngelo) '83

National Velvet (The Grand National – England’s greatest racing event (horse racing that is) 44

Noam Chompsky:   Distorted Morality   lec ( Americas war on terror?)

Noam Chompsky:   Manufacturing Consent   doc (Noam Chompsky and the media)

NorthFork   D: Michael Polish   (Polish Bro. 3rd, in 'town name trilogy" w/James Woods)



On The Beach (Am. sub finds safe haven in Austraila after Nukes wipe out northern hemi) 59

One From The Heart  D: Frances Ford Coppola  (score by Tom Waits and Crystal Gayle)

One Hour Photo  D:                           (creepy Robin Williams film - unsettling)

Open City D: R Rossellini (Rome during World War II. Indignanted people fight against the nazis.) 45

Orphans D: Peter Mullan  (Four siblings gathered together for their mother's funeral in Glasgow) 97

Our Gang Comedy Festival         (Little Rascals)

Outland D: Peter Hymes  (A marshal in outer space assigned to a remote mining colony) 81

O'Brother, Where Art Thou?  D: Coen Brothers  ("Modern" retelling of the Odyssey. set durring 30s depression)2002


Panic Room  D: David Fincher    (Jodie Foster and daughter fight a home invasion) 2002

Party Monster D:  Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato (Mac.Caulkin w/Seth Green in Club-Kid Murder Movie)

Party Monster - the shockumentary  D: Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato  doc(people the other movie is based on)

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure  D: Tim Burton  (Classic Pee-Wee & Burton w/ commentary) '85

Pretty in Pink   D: John Hughes  (Molly Ringwald, Andrew McCarthy,John Cryer)


Quills         D:  Philip Kaufman    (Geoffrey Rush as Marquis DeSade) '99

Quitting      D:  Zhang Yang   (Japanese movie about dysfunctional family and son) 2001



Rancho Deluxe (2 drifters of wildly different backgrounds, are cattle rustlers in modern Montana ) 75

Reefer Madness   D: Louis Gasnier  (classic 30s drug scare movie) '38

Retroactive (Time travel experimentation and repeated attempts to stop same killings)  97

R.I.P. -rest in pieces   D: Robert Adrian Pejo   doc ( A portrait of Joe Coleman -fringe artist) '97

River’s Edge (80s teen angst about teens reacting to the murder of their friend  w/ Denise Hopper) 86

Road Warrior D: George Miller  (Mel Gibson in post-apocalyptic world where people fight over gas) '81

Royal Tenenbaums, the  D: Wes Anderson

Roger Dodger (After messy break-up a smooth talking uncle takes his nephew out on the town)  02

Roma D: Federico Fellini (Stylistic portrait of Rome told in autobiographical vignettes) 72





The Safety of Objects  D: Rose Troche  2003

Saragossa Manuscript, the  D: Wojciech Has  (Surreal Journey of many tales in one book -widely revered) '65

Satanis, the Devil's Mass    D: Ray Laurent  doc (about Anton LaVey & the church of Satan) extras '70

Saturn 3  Stanley Donen  (Farrah Fawcett, Kirk Douglas, Harvey Keitel) '79

The Savage Eye D: Ben Maddow, Sidney Meyers, Joseph Strick   (In this journey through the dark side of 1950s urban life) 60   This disk also contains short doc “Interviews with Mi Lei Veterans” 70  

Sentinel, the   D: Michael Winner   (good B-movie horror) '76

A Scene at the Sea (Surfing movie about a boy & his girlfriend who are both hearing impaired.) 91

Shining, the   D: Mick Garris  tv (lengthier made for tv version, truer to King's novel)

Side Show (alive on the inside)              doc( Interviews with and about Side Show Stars)

Sick: the life and death of Bob Flanagan Supermasochist  D:Kirby Dick  doc(very good -not4faint)

Simpsons, the    D: many     TV Seasons:  (one)       (two)      (three)

Slums of Beverly Hills  D: Tamara Jenkins   (Growing up poor in 70s B.H. isn't easy, w/ Alan Arkin) '98

South Park         D: Trey Parker      (- the movie- Bigger, Longer, Uncut)

Spellbound    D: Jeffrey Blitz   doc (engrossing doc about kids @ national spelling bee) 2002

Spy Kids 3D   D: Robert Rodrigues    (yes I have the glasses - 3D not bad)

Squirm       D: Jeff Lieberman  (attack of the killer earth worms - you will squirm) w/ commentary '76

Star Trek:  ep#69 (that which survives) & ep#70 (let that be your last battlefield)

Stealing Harvard  D: Bruce McCulloch - of The Kids in the Hall (A middle-class man turns to a life of crime in order to finance his niece's first year at Harvard University. Jason Lee and Tom Green) 02

Storytelling (uncut version)  D: Todd Solondz    (w/ John Goodman) 2002

Strange Love of Martha Ivers (Old flame returns w/ secrets DA hubby might not want to know)  46

Suicide Kings D: Peter O’Fallon  (Snot-nose rich kids kidnap Mafia don (Christopher Walken) 97

Surviving the Game (Street Kid is hired as servent for rich hunting party– but serving as what?)  94

Suspira  D:  Dario Argento   (famous Euro-Shock flick) '77

Swordfish   (Spy hired by CIA to con hacker into steeling billions in gov’t funds. Travolta & Berry) 01



Take the Money and Run  D: Woody Allen  (Allen's first feature as director - very funny) '69

Taking of Pelham one two three, the D: Joseph Sargent (70s, very good,  Q.T. rips this one off big) '74

Taxi Driver   D: Martin Scorsese  (w/excellent feature doc on the making of...) '76

3rd Man, the  D: Carol Reed   (Orson Welles, and Joseph Cotton, spy thriller classic) '49

They Got Me Covered (Bumbling reporter chases Nazis n D.C. to get his job back-Bob Hope) 43

Third World Cop D:Browne (Loose cannon cop returns home to Kingston to fight organized crime) 99

3 Strikes  (On probation and trying to dodge a ‘3 strikes‘ policy when he is a guest in a stolen car) 00

This is Spinal Tap D: Rob Reiner's 1st (mockrockumentary of worlds loudest/worst band) '84

Tomorrow the World (American relatives dealing with nephews Hitler Youth indoctrination) 44

Tonight or never D: Mervyn LeRoy  (Opera singer has stalled career until she finds romance) 31

Topper Returns (Topper is once again tormented by a fun-loving ghost trying to uncover her killer)

12 Moneys   D: Terry Gilliam   (Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, time travel - germ plague thriller) '95

28 Days Later D; Danny Boyle  (Neo-zombie-like movie) 2002

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea      D: Richard Fleischer   (Julies Vern tale by Disney) '54

20 Million Miles to Earth D: Nathan Juran  (Ray Harryhausen FX)


U-Turn D: O. Stone (A man trapped in a desert town where everybody has totally lost their minds)  97

Untamed Heart D: Tony Bill (Caroline is saved by introverted orphan outcast Adam) 93


Village of the Giants  D: Bert Gordon   (Campy 60s drive-in with many soon to be big stars) '65

Vincent Price -3-in-one D: Various (House on Haunted Hill, The Bat, Last Man on Earth)


Waiting for Guffman   D: Christopher Guest   (community theater in small town America) '96

Waking Life    D: Richard Linklatter   (animated bookend for Slacker, his1st movie)

War & Peace Trilogy D: several (Three short documentaries about recent anti-war and anti-globalization movements including an upstate NY hunger strike by women for peace – w/ Amy Goodman from Democracy Now) 04

Willard   D: Glen Morgan   (Crispin Glover in a recent remake of the 70s rat flick) 2002

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory  D: Mel Stuart     (always good)  '71

Windtalkers  D: John Woo  (Navajo Marines use native language as an radio cipher w/ N. Cage)  02