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Absolutely Fabulous "the last shout"  (Brit tv)

Absolutely Fabulous "new best friend; poor; birth"  (Brit tv)

Ace Ventura - pet detective (Jim Carrey is a goofy detective specializing in animals) 94

Ace Ventura - when nature calls D: Steve Oedekerk (New Animals. New Adventures. Same Hair) 95

Addams Family  bw/tv/50s

The Adventures of Sebastian Cole   D: Todd Williams '99

After Hours   D: Martin Scorsese (A date gone bad leaves Griffen Dunne stranded in an unfamiliar neighborhood) '85

The Age of Innocence  D: Martin Scorsese '93

Alice   D: Jan Svankajer  (Czech animation master) '88

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore  D: Martin Scorsese ( The movie the tv show "Alice" was based on) '74

Alice in Wonderland   (animated Disney)  D: Hamilton Luske '51

Alice Sweet Alice  D: Alfred Sole (B- horror - evil child movie, w/ young Brook Shields) '76

Alien Autopsy (fact or fiction?)

Altered States  D: Ken Russell (William Hurt as a researcher who mixes magic mushrooms with isolation chamber) '80

Amateur  D: Hal Hartley '94

Amazon Women on the Moon  D:Joe Dante, John Landis and others (Spoof on late night tv with many cameos) '87

American Beauty   D:  Sam Mendes (Kevin Spacey in a better than average mid-life crisis movie) '99

American Graffiti D: George Lucas  (set in '63, great cast with many stars, great oldies soundtrack) a must '73

America's mysterious places 

American Yakuza D: Frank A. Cappello (American FBI agent is lured away by Japanese mafia.) 93

An Affair to Remember (Whirlwind Romance leads to NYC date 6 months later)  57

Andromeda Strain   D: Robert Wise (another famous plague warfare film) '71

The Animal  (After organ transplants from animals Rob Schnider begins to take on their traits) 01

Anna to the Infinite Power   D: Robert Wiemer (clone flick) '84

Apostle, the  D: Robert Duval (Small town preacher on the run from the law, murder and redemption) '97

Aria  D:  many include. Ken Russell, Nicolas Roag, Robert Altman (Ten directors, Ten arias) '88

Arthur C.Clarke's Mysterious World  vol.2   Sea & Lake Monsters

Atlantic City   D: Louis Malle (Romance between older man and younger woman, set at the bordwalk) '81

Atomic Cafe  D: Kevin Rafferty   doc (funny and chilling look at those "duck and cover" days) '82

Attack of the Puppet People  D: Bert I gordon (Evil doll maker shrinks real people for private collection) '58

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes  D: John DeBello ( the title says it all) '77





Bad Company   D: Robert Benton (west) (Jeff Bridges w/ others, about young civil war draft dodgers) '72

The Bad News Bears D: Michael Ritchie (Ex-minor leaguer coaches underdog little league team) 76

Back to the Future  D: Robert Zemeckis  (Marty McFly’s travels to 50s America)  85

Backbeat D: Iain Softley (Dramatization of Hamburg Germany phase of early Beatles' history) 94

Ballad of Cable Hogue  D: Sam Peckinpaw (west) '70

Bamboozled   D: Spike Lee (Something to offend everyone) 2000

Barbarella Queen of the Galaxy  D: Rodger Vadim  (Jane Fonda as space vixen out to save the universe) '68                     

Bar Fly   D: Barbet Schroder  (Screenplay based on and written by Charles Bukowski) '87

Basket Case 2  D: Frank Henenlotter  (Picks up right where the original BASKET CASE leaves off) 90

Battlestar Galactica (After destruction of human colonies,  last fighter carrier leads Earth search) 78

Bear, The  D: Jean-Jacques Annaud (Beautifully shot and told) '89

Beast from 20,000 Fathoms  D: Eugene Lourie (special FX by Ray Harryhausen) 

Beautiful Mind, A  D: Ron Howard (Nobel Prize winner turned coo-coo John Nash) 2000

Before Night Falls  D: Julian Schnabel (About gay cuban poet Reinaldo Arenas) 2000

Being John Malkovich  D:  Spike Jonze (Gender bending body switching comedy) '99

Bermuda Triangle  (incredible mysteries of our planet series)

Best in Show   D: Christopher Guest (usual ensemble cast takes on show dog circuit) very funny 2000

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas: Colin Higgens (Dolly and Burt) '82 

Beyond the Mat  D: Barry W. Blaustein (Surprisingly Poignant Doc on Prof. Wrestlers) '99

Beyond the Poseidon Adventure  D: Irwin Allen (The ship continues to sink) '79

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls  D: Russ Meyer (written by Roger Ebert (chubby film-critic) '70

The Black Godfather D: John Evans (Blaxploitation ) 74

Black Scorpion, The  D: Edward Loudwig (giant bug movie) '57

Blade Runner  (A bounty hunter who must terminate illegal androids seeking their creator.) 82

Blob, the  D: Irvin S. Yeaworth (original w/ Steve McQueen) '58

Blood in the Face  D: Kevin Rafferty   (Doc on Am.Nazis, Michael Moore does some interviews) '91

Blue Collar   D:Paul Schrader (with Richard Pryor in strong dramatic role) '78

Blue in the Face  D: Wayne Wang & Paul Auster (made with leftover budget from 'Smoke', with lots of cameos) '95

Bob Roberts D: Tim Robbins   (A rebel folk-singing conservative senatorial candidate) 82

Body Heat  D: Kasden (A woman convinces her lover to murder her rich husband.)  Very Sweaty  81 

Bonnie & Clyde  D: Arthur Penn (Faye Dunnaway and Warren Beatty as the real life bank robbers) '67

Boogie Nights  D: P.T. Anderson (the height and then waning years of 70s-80s porn w/ big cast, great songs) '97

Born on the 4th of July (Ron Kovic returns from ‘Nam paralyzed & becomes an anti-war activist) 89

Bottle Rocket  D:  Wes Anderson (child hood friends with big plans get waylaid at a desert motel; Anderson's 1st) '95

Boy and his Dog, A  D: Justus E. McQueen (Post apocalypse boy and dog hunt for canned food and women) '75

Boy in the Plastic Bubble, the  D: Randel Kleiser (tv movie with John Travolta and Robert 'Mr. Brady" Reed) '76

Bread & Tulips  (Italian)  2000

Breakfast at Tiffany's  D: Blake Edwards  (w/Audrey Hepburn; from the Truman Capote novel) '61

The Bridge on the River Kwai  D: David Lean (War movie different from most.)  Great Cast 57

Brubaker  D: Stuart Rosenberg ( Robert Redford as a new reform minded warden who 1st sneaks in as prisoner) '80

Bucket of Blood  D: Roger Corman (made on shoestring in 72hrs about wanna-be beatnik artist who'd kill for 1st big break) '59

Buffalo 66 D:Vincent Gallo (w/ Gallo & Christina Ricci) '99

Bugsy Malone D: Allan Parker  music (kids as ol'time gangsters Scott Baio &  Jodie Foster) '76

Burden of  Dreams  D: Les Blank (doc. about Herzog's Fitzcaraldo ) Great '82

Bustin’ Loose  (R. Pryor as ex-con who drives a bus of Special kids to a Washington Farm) 81

Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid  west D: Gorge Roy Hill '69

Butterfield 8  D:Daniel Mann (Elizabeth Taylor as a hooker trying to go straight) '60

Bye Bye Birdie  D: George Sidney (musical) (small town overwhelmed by Ed Sullivan & Elvis type doing a tv special) '63






Cabin Boy    D: Adam Resnick (Chris Elliot stars in fantasy film homage) '94

Cabin Fever  D: Eli Roth  (Something from every genra of horror/suspense flick - better than average) 2003

Caddyshack  D: Harold Ramis (Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfeild, Bill Murray, Ted Knight) '80

Candy Mountain   D: Robert Frank (many cameos incld. Tom Waits, David Johansen) '80

Can You Hear the Laughter  D; Burt Brinckerhoff (tv movie about late Freddie Prince, of Chico& the man fame) '79

Cape Fear  D: Martin Scorsese  (admirable remake of 50s classic w/De Niro & Noltie)

Car Wash  (A day in the life of the employees at a Los Angeles car wash. w/ R. Pryor & G.Carlin) 76

Cartoons for Big Kids        (hosted by Leonard Maltin - racy animation from way back)

Cat People D: Paul Schrader (Nistashia Kinski and Rodney McDowell -horror-thriller)

Catch-22   D: Mike Nicoles (Joseph Heller's defiant book becomes sprawling movie) '70

Caught on Camera             tv (close calls with disaster)

Changeling, the   D: Peter Medak (supernatural thriller with Geo.C.Scott) '80

Charade (A woman is pursued for a  fortune her murdered husband has stolen.) 63

Chariots of the Gods  D: Harald Reinl  (classic UFO speculation flick based on Erich Von Daniken's book)

Charles Chaplin  @  Keystone Studios  (1914)  Vol 1

                               @   Essanay Studios   (1915)  Vol 1 

                               @    Essanay Studios   (1915) Vol 2

Charles Chaplin;   The Circus & A Day's Pleasure  D: Charles Chaplin  '28/'19

Charly    D: Ralph Nelson  (based on Flowers for Algernon) '66

Chattahoochee  D: Mick Jackson (Gary Oldman & Dennis Hopper @ insane asylum)true story '89

Cheech & Chongs Next Movie  D: Chong  (Crazy, drug-influenced misadventures)  80

Children Should't Play With Dead Things D: Bob Clark  '72  LTBX

China Syndrom, the   D: James Bridges (power plant melt down thriller w/ Jane Fonda) '79

Christmas Story,A  D: Bob Clark (charming story of a boy's attempts to secure a bee-bee gun for Christmas) '83

Clash of the Titans  D: Desmond Davis (Ray Harryhausen FX of Greek mythology) '81

Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind  D: Steven Speilberg  (special ed.) '77

Color of Money, the  D: Martin Scorsese  (sequel to "The Hustler"  w/ Newman reprising role as 'Fast Eddie') '86

Coming Home  D:  Hal Ashby  (Vietnam movie about returning vet's affair with a married woman) '78

Conan the Barbarian (A child slave returns to seek revenge on the warlord who killed his tribe.) 82

Conan the Destroyer (Conan leads a ragtag group of adventurers on a quest for a princess) 84

Cool Hand Luke   D: Stuart Rossenberg (one of the best - Paul Newman, George Kennedy) '67

CopLand   D:James Mangold (all star cast about corrupt Jersey town founded by corrupt NYPD) '97

Coyote Ugly  (In NYC pursueing a songwriting dream  her "day" job is at a nightclub.) 00

Creature from the Black Lagoon     D: Jack Arnold '54

Creepshow D: George Romero (Based on comics from 50s, Romero & King bring 5tales of terror) 82

Creepshow 2 D: Michael Gornick (King & Romero still writing ‖ fairly good sequel) ‘87

The Crime of Padre Amaro (Politics & Passions threaten to corrupt a newly-ordained priest ) 02

Crimes of Passion  D:  Ken Russell    (Anthony Perkins as skid-row sex crazed preacher) '84

Crumb   D: Terry Zwigoff    (intimate doc. about comic artist R. Crumb and his dysfunctional family) '94

Cthulhu Mansion  D: Juan Piquer Simon  (based on H.P. Lovecraft work) '91

Cujo (From S. King book about St. Bernard who contracts rabies and conducts a reign of terror) 83




Dangerous Liaisons   D: Steven Frears '88

David Blaine:Fearless (Sometimes he's a little cheesy, but overall amazing close up magic)

David Holzman's Diary    D: Jim McBride (David Holzman recording his life as it falls apart) '67

Dawn of the a Dead   D: George Romero (2nd in the series, 70s Zombie Classic) '78

Day of the Dolphin  D: Mike Nicholes (Geo.C.Scott and top secret talking dolphins) '73

Dead Man    D: Jim Jarmusch  (w/Johnny Depp  cameos by many incld. Iggy Pop) '95

Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid   D: Carl Reiner  (Steve Martin film-noir homage) '82

Dead Presidents D: Hughes Bros. (Heist of old bills, retired from circulation & destine to burn) 95

Death of A Salesman D: Volker Schondorff (Hoffman and Malkovich give great performances) '86

Death Race 2000   D: Paul Bartel (Many would be stars incld. Sly Stalone) '75   

Defiant Ones, the  D: Stanley Kramer (Black Guy/ White Guy prisson break film) '58

Defending Your Life D: Albert Brooks (After death, we go to a processing station!) '91

Dementia 13     D: Francis Ford Coppila (1st movie) High grade B horror/thriller '63

Desperate Living  D: John Waters '77

Detroit 9000    D: Arthur Marks   (70s Blaxploit. action flick re-released on Q.T.'s rolling thunder pics.)

Devils, the   D: Ken Russell  (one of his best - set during the inquisition in a nunnery) '71

Devil's Advocate  D: Taylor Hackford '97

Devil Rides Out    D: Terence Fisher  (Hammer Horror w/ Christopher Lee)   LTBX

Diabolique (The wife and mistress of a sadistic boarding school headmaster plot to kill him) 55

Dirty Harry         D: Don Segel  (Clint Eastwood as a bad ass cop in SanFran) '71  

Dogs In Space   D: Richard Lowenstein  (w/ Michael (INXS) Hutchinson) '87

Dogtown and Z-boys   D: Stacy Peralta  doc. (excellent skate board doc about early days) 2002

Don't Look Now   D: Nicolas Roeg  (creepy psychic-thriller w/ Donald Sutherland) '73

Dr. Jekyll & Hr. Hyde  D: Rouben Mamoulian  '32

Dr. No  (The 1st  proper Bond movie, 007 pursues the Dr. No to his secret  Caribbean island.)  62

Dr. Zhivago  D: David Lean   (Russian doctor/poet who, although married, falls for a political                                                                                                                       activist's wife and experiences hardships during the Bolshevik Revolution) 65

Dream Boy's Revue    tv. (70s drag-gala)

The Dream Team D: Howard Zieff (All star nuts on the loose in NYC and framed fro murder) 89

Dreamchild   D:Gavin Millar  (based around 'real' Alice; from Wonderland) Jim Henson FX '85

Drive-In Madness             (B-movie trailers with drive in stuff)

        Drunken Master (Undisciplined boy learns the art of hooch-fueled Drunken Boxing) 78

Drugstore Cowboy  D: Gus Van Sant  (Matt Dillon as a Portland Junkie who knocks over drugstores with his 'crew') '89

Duke Ellington ‖ Memories of Duke (68 tour) D: Gary Keys 80 vhs

Dukes of Hazzard Collectors Series 79s (3 tapes ‖ one show each)

Dumb & Dumber   D: Farrelly brothers '94






East of Eden       D: Elia Kazan  (James Dean in Steinbeck movie) '54

Eating Raoul     D: Paul Bartel  (Mr. & Mrs. Bland just want a little restaurant, how can the get the $?) '82

Ed Gein  D: Chuck Parello  (Fairly compelling low budge bio-pic of Ed Gein, stays close to the facts)

Ed Wood    D:Tim Burton  (Johnny Depp, Martin Landu, Sarah Jessica Parker, Bill Murray)  '94

Ed Wood (look back in angora)    doc. (narrated by SNL types)

Eight Men Out  D:  John Sayles    (Black Sox World Series Scandal) '88

Emmett Otters Jug Band Christmas   (Jim Henson's classic HBO Christmas special)

Enemy of the State (Will Smith is unwitting target of NSA once he receives assassination evidence) 98

Eraserhead  D: David Lynch  '77

Escape from New York  D: John Carpenter  (in the future NYC is a no-escape prison) '81

An Everlasting Piece   D: Levinson (A protestant & catholic corner  toupee market in 80s Belfast)  00

The Exorcist   D: William Friedkin  (the original, anniversary ed. w/behind the scenes stuff) '73

Eye's of Tammy Faye, the D: Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato doc (about life after scandel w/ Tammy Feye)






Fabulous Baker Boys, the  D: Steven Kloves (Jeff & Beau Bridges w/ Michelle Phifer) '89

Fabulous Fleischer Folio  (vol III)    (Great early animation from the 20s-30s)

Faces    D: John Cassavettes '68

Family Business  D: Lumet  (There's nothing like a good robbery... to bring a family together.)  89

Fantasia   D: -several- (original Disney music/animation feast) '40

Farewell Good Brothers  D: Robert Stone (examines several UFO 'cults' and personalities)

Farm, the  D: Jonathan Stark and Liz Garbus   doc (Life inside Angola Prison) '98

Fast, Cheap & Our of Control D: Errol Morris (a lion tamer, topiary gardner, robot builder & mole rat expert) '96

Fat City   D: John Huston ( w/ Stacy Keech, Jeff Bridges, about boxing) '72

Fat Man & Little Boy   D: Roland Joffe (All star cast / How the Bomb was made) '89

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas  D: Terry Gilliam  (Johnny Depp as Hunter S. Tompson) '98

Fear No Evil  D: Frank LaLoggia (B-horror with great 80s new wave/punk sound trk) '80

Female Misbehavior D: Monika Treut  doc (w/ Camille Paglia & Annie Sprinkle)

Fetishes D: Nick Broomfield  doc (Inside 'Pandoras Box' an upscale bondage house in NYC)

Field of Deams  D:Phil Alden Robinson  (farmer builds a baseball park on his field after hearing voices) '89

The Fifth Element  (A cab driver becomes the central figure in the search for a cosmic weapon) 97

Filth&The Fury,the D:Julian Temple doc(about the sex pistols, w/ interviews now & then)

Fireman's Ball  D:  Milos Forman (Comedy of errors durring a retierment party) '68

First Strike (Part of the Police Story series ‖ In this one Chan is trying to locate a missing nuke.) 96

Five Corners D; Tony Bill (Jodie Foster, John Turturro, Tim Robbins)  '92

5 Lady Venoms (martial arts)

Flawless  (De Niro as a cop who’s stroke leads to singing lessons from his drag queen neighbor) 99

Flesh Gordan (Planet Porno Bombards Earth with Sex Rays!) 74

Flirt   D: Hal Hartly '95

48 Hrs.  D:  Walter Hill  (Eddie Murphy & Nick Nolte; cop and con buddy flick) '83

Follow the Fleet D: Mark Sandrich  (musical) 36

Frailty   D:  Bill Paxton (Nutty Dad sees demons, and hears angles, what's a son to do?)

Freaked:  D:               (very goofy, strange cast inclds. Bob Cat Golthwait as sock puppet)

Freaks   D:  Todd Browning   (Famous/Infamous 30s horror using actual side-show stars) '32

Freddy vs. Jason D; Ronny Yu  (well it had to happen sometime) 2003

Friday the 13 pt.2  D: Steve Miner (Stacks of Bodies = Piles of Money) 81

Frighteners, the   D: Peter Jackson  (fun comedy ghost caper w/ M.J. Fox) '96

Fright Night    D: Tom Holland  (w/Roddy McDowall) '85

Frisco Kid, the   D: Robert Aldrich  (Harrison Ford & Gene Wilder, as Robber and Rabbi) '79

Front, the  D: Martin Ritt  (Woody Allen and others star ; about 50s commiewitch hunts) '76

Full Metal Jacket   D: Stanley Kubrick  (one of the best War/Kubrick Films ever) '87

Funny Face  (Paris provides the backdrop for this wonder w/ Audrey Hepburn & Fred Astaire)  57

Funny Lady  D: Herbert Ross (Barbara Striesand & Omar Shariff, Fanny Brice biopic) '75





Gates of Heaven  D: Errol Morris  doc (poignant and funny about pet cemetery)

The Gay Divorcee D: Mark Sandrich  (Fred Astair musical)  34

General, the   D:  Buster Keaton '27 -silent-

Ghostbusters  (3 unemployed parapsychologists set up shop as a unique ghost removal service.) 84

Ghost World   D:Terry Zwiegoff    (based of the Daniel Clowse comic strip from 8ball)

Gods & Monsters  D: Bill Condon (about James Whale director of Frankenstien and Bride of...) '98

The Gold Rush D:  Chaplin (The Tramp goes to the Klondike in search of gold)  ‖maybe his best 25

Goodfellas  D: Martin Scorsesee (true story mob epic w/ R. De Nero, J. Pesci, R. Liotta) 

The Good Girl  (A discount store clerk strikes up an affair with a stock boy)   - great cast - 2002

Goodtimes Collectors Series 74-78 (4 tapes w/ 4 shows on each)

Gothic  D: Ken Russel  (Russel's take on the haunted 'summer' of Lord Byron & Percy Shelley) '87

Graduate, the   D: Mike Nichols  (classic classic;  w/ Dustan Hoffman) LTBX '67

Grease  D: Randal Kleiser   musical ( 50s musical from the 70s, w/ John Travolta & Olivia Newton John) '78

The Great Waltz   D: Julien Duvivier  (musical) 38

The Green Mile  (Guards on death row & the execution of a wrongly accused man ‖ S. King Book) 99

Gremlins  (A horde of malevolently mischievous monsters are unleashed on a small town.) 84

Grifters, the  D: Steven Frears (John Cusack, Anjelica Huston, Annette Bening - Con Artists)

The Groove Tube  D: Ken Shapiro (satirical cavalcade of television, w/Richard Belzer) '72

Guys & Dolls    D: Joseph L. Mankiewicz   musical (Frank Sanatra, Marlon Brando, Gene Simmons-not from KISS-)






Hair   D: Milos Forman   musical (from the Broadway Play, this time with a little more plot structure) '79

Halloween  D: John Carpenter   (LTBX) '78

Halloween 3-season of the witch  (An evil toymaker plans to kill all kids out for treats ) 82

Hamlet   D: Franco Zeffirelli  (w/ Mel Gibson, Helina Bottom Carter, Glen Close) '90

The Hanging Garden (A man goes home after 10yrs to discover his past will never be forgotten) 97

Hard Eight  D: P.T. Anderson  (Anderson's (Boogie Nights) first movie) '96

The Harder They Come  D: Perry Henzell  (Stars Jimmy Cliff) '72

Hard Way, the   D: John Badham (James Woods as NYPD, M.J. Fox as Action Hero studying for a part) Very Funny '91

Harry & Tonto D: Paul Mazursky  (Bittersweet comedy about an old man (Art Carney) and his cat) '74

Haunted Palace, the  D: Roger Corman  ( w/Vincent Price) '63

Hearts of Darkness D: Fax Bahr & Geo. Hickenlooper  doc (-the apocalyptic making of Apocalypse Now) very good '91

Heaven Help Us  D: Michael Dinner  (catholic school comedy set in the early 60s) '85

Heavenly Creatures  D: Peter Jackson  (true story of matricide by two teenage girlfriends) '94

Heavy Metal  (A glowing orb terrorizes w/ a collection of dark fantasy and horror tails) animated 81

Heavy Petting  D: Obie Benz  doc ( interviews with many popular figures about sex socialization)

Henry Fool  D: Hal Hartley  (a garbage man inspired by a stranger in town writes a poem that changes the world) '98

Henry: portriat of a serial killer  D: John McNaughton  (grim movie about Henry Lee Lucas - well acted) '89

Heist    D: David Mamet  (Gene Hackman as a big time theif trying to get out of the business -they're always doing that)

Heroes & Tyrants of the 20th Century - Gandhi      short-tv-doc

Hercules    D: Pietro Francisci  (original featuring Steve Reaves) '58

High Fidelity  D:  Steven Frears    (John Cusack, Jack Black -indi record store owner contemplates love/relationships)2000                 

High Lonesome  D: Rachel Liebling   doc (-the story of bluegrass music featu. Ralph Stanley)

Hollywood Madam  D: Nick Broomfield  doc ( about Hiedi Fleiss who ran call girl service for the rich and famous)

The Honeymoon Killers    D: Leonard Kastle (classic cult true crime movie) '70

Hoosiers         D: David Anspaugh   (Timothy Hutton, Gene Hackman, Dennis Hopper) '86

Hope and Glory   D: John Boorman   (WWII in England) '87

House D: Steve Miner  (Not quite scary ‖ Not quite funny ‖ Definitely Strange) 86

House of Games   D: David Mamet '87   

House of 7 Corpses   D: Paul Harrison '73        

Household Saints  D; Nancy Savoca '93

How to Get Ahead in Advertising  D: Bruce Robinson  (What if your zit grew into your doppleganger) '89

Hype!             D: Doug Pray  doc (Seattle Rock Doc) '96



I Know What You Did Last Summer  97

I Shot Andy Warhol   D: Mary Harron  (about Valerie Solanas, creater of S.C.U.M. - who shot Warhol) '96

I Was A Teenage Werewolf  (Michael “Pa” Landon in the original ‘teen wolf’ movie.)  57

Incredible Mr. Limpet D: Arthur Lubin (Don Knotts as a nebbishy guy turned cartoon fish in search of love) '63

Incredible Shrinking Woman, the  D: Joel Schumacher  (Lilly Tomlan & Charles Groden) '81

Incident at Oglala - the Leonard Peltier Story  D: Michael Apted (American Indian Movement) '92

Incubus D: Leslie Stevens  (William Shatner stars in this  Esperanto horror/suspense - the only Esperanto film) '67

Independence Day  (E.T.s ‖ they just want to blow us up into itty bitty pieces.)  96

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade D: Steven Speilberg ( w/ Sean Connery as Indiana's dad) '89

Insomnia   D: Christopher Nolan 2002              

Intermezzo  (A concert violinist becomes charmed with his daughter's piano teacher) 39

Invasion of  the Body Snatchers   D: Donald Siegel (original version) '56

I'm Gonna Get You Sucka  D: Keenen Ivory Wayans  (Blaxploit satire/homage) '88

Iron Weed  D: Hector Babenco     (skid row Albany during 1930s w/ J.Nickolson, M.Streep & T. Waits)

It’s the Rage   (Handguns figure in the intertwining lives of nine people.) ‖large cast ‖ 99

It Started With Eve   D: Henry Koster   (A young man asks a hat check girl to pose as his fiancÒ©e) 41






Jabberwocky         D:  Terry Gilliam  '77

Jason and the Argonauts  D: Don Chaffey (FX by Ray Harryhausen ) '63

Jason in Hell   D: Adam Marcus (Friday the 13th series) '93

Jason X  D: Jim Isaac  (Jason in space - funny- better than most of the series) 2002

Jaws               D:  Steven Speilberg  (Giant great white shark terrorizes small tourist community) '75   LTBX

Jerry Springer - To Hot for TV

Jerry Springer - Bad Boys and Naughty Girls

Jesus' Son      D: Alison Maclean    '99

Joe Gould's Secret  D;Stanley Tucci  2000

Johnny Suede   D: Tom Dicillo (w/ Brad Pitt) '92

Jurassic Park  D:  Steven Speilberg '93






The Killing  D:  Stanley Kubrick      (Early Kubrick film-noir) '56

King of Comedy  D: Martin Scorsese  (w/ De Niro & Jerry Lewis, obsessed fan comedy) '82

King of Hearts  D: Philippe de Broca  '66

King Pin  D: Peter & Bobby Farrelly  ( Bill Murray & Woody Haroldson) '96

Kingdom of the Spiders   D: John Cardos (William Shatner as sheriff of spider ridden town) '77

King Kong  D: John Guillerman (70s remake of famous Big Monkey film) '76

King of Marvin Gardens    D: Bob Rafelson  (Jack Nickolson & Bruce Dern) '72

Knack & How to Get It, the   D: Richard Lester (60s brit. Mod comedy) '65

Knight Riders D: George Romero (Ed Harris is the head of a group of traveling motercycle jousters) 81

KNIGHT RIDER ‖ Knight of the Phoenix (1st episode) : A detective, believed to have been killed, is   given a new face and identity and is armed with an artificialy intelligent super car. 82

Kurt & Courtney D: Nick Broomfield  doc ( posits the possibility that Courtney Love had Kurt Cobain killed)






Lair of the White Worm, the   D: Ken Russell  (based on the last writings of Bram Stoker) '88

Land of Look Behind, the  D: Alan Greenberg  doc (about Rasta-culture) '82

Land that Time Forgot, the  D:            (B-movie  dinosaur flick)

Last American Virgin, the  D: Boaz Davidson  (80s teen-sex tragacomedy, good soundtrack) '82 

The Last Days of Disco D:Whit Stillman (Two women trying to find love at the end of the disco era) 98

Last Remake of Beau Geste  D: Marty Feldman,   (Foreign Legion Comedy) '77

Last Waltz, the   D: Martin Scorsese doc (The Band's Last Concert w/lots of guests) '78

Lathe of Heaven, the   D: David Loxton & Fred Barzyk '80                  

Legend of Bigfoot, the   D:            (not the best Big Foot movie, but I LOVE BIGFOOT!)

Legend of Boggy Creek  D: Charles B. Pierce (one of the Best Big Foot Movies Ever!!!) '75

"Lenny"       D: Bob Fosse (Dustan Hoffman gives convincing performance in title role) '74

"Let's Get Lost"   D: Bruce Weber  doc (Chet Baker's  swan-song; he died soon after) '88

Liar Liar   (Fast track lawyer cant lie for 24hrs. due to his son's magical birthday wish) 97

L.I.E.                         D:                       (w/ Brian Cox, about young male hustlers)

Life Against Death              tv (reality tv series "caught on camera" style, close calls)

Lifestyle, the  D: David Schisgall (examines "swinging in America") 

Little Big Man       D: Arthur Penn  (Dustan Hoffman-sole survivor of Little Big Horn) great '70

Little Rascles,the  Vol 1 , 7 (for now) Hosted by Leonard Maltin

Logans Run  D: Michael Anderson (a future world where "re-birth" is compulsory) '76                        

Lonely Guy D: Arthur Hiller   (w/ Steve Martin  &  Charles Groden)

Lord of the Rings, the  D: Peter Jackson   (Fellowship of the Ring)

Los Ojos De Un Nino    D:                        

Lost Weekend  D: Billy Wilder  (On the wagon - Off the wagon flick, very good) '45

Lust for Life  D:  Vincente Minnelli  (Kirk Douglas as Vincent Van Gogh)  56






Magnolia  D:  P.T. Anderson  (3rd p.t.a. film with his many regs. and some new faces) '99

Manchurian Candidate D: John Frankenheimer ( Frank Sinatra in Brain-Washing cold war thriller) '62

Man Called Horse, A  D: Elliot Silverstein (another white guy lives w/ Indians- shows sundance ritual) '70

Man of the Century   D: Adam Abraham   (inventive homage to those 20s news-man screwballs w/ Gibson Frazier)

Man on the Moon   D: Milos Forman  (Andy Kaufman bio-flick w/Jim Carry) '99

Man Who Bought Mustique,the  D: Joseph Bullman  doc (a man who bought and lost and Island) 2001

Man Who Fell to Earth, the  D: Nicolas Roeg (Classic; Sci-Fi Star's David Bowie as spaceman) '76

Man Who Saw Tomorrow   D: Robert Guenette  doc (Orson Welles nar. this 70s Nostradamus doc.) '81

Marat Sade D: Peter Brook  (Royal Shakespearean Co. under the direction of Marquee DeSade) '67

"Marty"  D: Delbert Mann  (Ernest Borgnine as dumpy guy looking for love) - very good - '55

Marilyn Manson (the tour no one wanted you to see—back stage stuff and protesters) vhs

M*A*S*H*  D: Robert Altman  (the movie-from a book- that started the tv series) '70

The Matrix   D: Andy & Larry Wachowski  (Overrated sci-fi with interesting Gnostic parallels)  99

McCabe & Mrs Miller  D: Robert Altman (west. Warren Beatty,  Julie Christie)                      

Meet the Feebles  D: Peter Jackson (It's Like X-rated muppets on drugs - not 4 kids!-) '89

Men In Black (N.Y.P.D. is drafted by supper secret govt. org monitoring alien traffic on our planet) 97

Men with Brooms   (A recently reunited curling team from a small Canadian town.)  2002

Mercury Rising  (Tough cop protects autistic child who’s broken a secret code from the NSA) 98

The Merry Widow D:  Bernhardt  (musical)  52

Metropolis   D: Fritz Lang      (silent masterpiece) '26

Mr. Death   D; Errol Morris  doc ( a guy who builds execution devices for prisons) -great-

Mighty Aphrodite  D: Woody Allen  (Father finds his adoptive son’s mother ‖a prostitute)  95

Miracle on 34th Street (Department store Santa says he’s real and might be institutionalized) 47

Miss. Firecracker  D:Thomas Schlamme  (Small town woman with "bad rep" enters local beauty contest) '89

The Missionary  (Michael Palin as missionary sent by the bishop to minister to prostitutes) 82

Mission: Impossible  D: Brian De Palma  (big screen translation of a 60s tv favorite) 96

Mister Roberts    D: John Ford & Mervyn LeRoy (H. Fonda, J. Cagney, W. Powell, J. Lemon) '55               

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington  D: Frank Capra  (Jimmy Stuart - Classic Capra Schmaltz) '39

Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Mickey Mouse Goes to Haiti  D:               doc(-Walt Disney & the science of exploitation)

Midnight Cowboy  D: John Schlesinger (John Voit and Dustan Hoffman the only X to win best pic.) '69

Midnight Express D: Alan Parker  (true story of why you should never smuggle hash out of Turkey) '78

Mighty Peking Man,the   D: Ho Meng-Hua (Quentin Tarrenteno's Rolling Thunder Pics re-release) '77

Minority Report D: S. Speilberg (Based of Philip K. Dick s.f. about pre-crime enforcement) 2002


Miracle Mile  D: Steve DeJarnatt (Nuke-mare flick with Anthony Edwards) '89

Miracle Worker      D:  Arther Penn    (original movie about Helen Keller) '62

Misfits,the  D: John Huston (Marilyn Monroe,Clark Gable,Mongomery Clift) last film 4all  '61

Mission, the  D: Rollin Joffe (De Niro and Jeremy Irons missionaries in South Am.1700s) '86

Moderns, the  D: Alan Rudolph  (Good w/many people about art forgery in 20s-30s Paris) '88

Modern Romance  D: Albert Brooks   (Albert Brooks looks at Relationships) '81

Mondo Cane  D: Gualtier Jacopetti  doc (one of the original Shock-Travelogue type flicks) '63

Mondo Cane 2 D: Gualtier Jacopetti   doc ( continuing quest for "strange" and "bizarre" customs)  '63

Monty Python's - the meaning of life  D: Terry Jones  '83

Monty Python's Flying Circus         tv  VOLs. (1, 2, 3)   &   (7,8,9)    (more to come)

Monsieur Verdoux   D:Charles Chaplin   (later Chaplin talkie) '47

Mosquito Coast,the   D: Peter Weir (w/Harrison Ford, River Phoenix   "ice is civilization in the Amazone" ) '86

Multiple Maniacs  D: John Waters   (early Waters with Devine, great music as always) '70

My Dinner With Andre  D: Louis Malle  (Wallace Shawn & Andre Gregory) '81

My Favorite Year  (A dissolute matinee idol is slated to appear on a live TV variety show) 82

Mr. Mom (Dad takes care of kids when mom goes to work - (written by John Hughes) 83

        Mr. Nice Guy D: Sammo Hung Kam-Bo (Fight First ‖ Apologize later) 97

My Science Project D: Jonathan R. Betuel (Citizen Kane of Cheesy, 1980s, Teen Sci-Fi) 85

Mystery Train  D: Jim Jarmusch   (Chance encounters link three different stories in Memphis) 89






Naked Civil Servant, the  D: Jack Gold  (John Hurt as Quentin Crisp, gay rights champion) '75

Naked Lunch  D: David Cronenberg  (Peter Weller stars in movie from Burroghs book) '91

Name of the Rose, the  D: Jean-Jacques Anaud (from the Umberto Eco novel, w/ Sean Connery) '86

National Lampoon's:  Vacation  D: Harold Ramis (Chevey Chase, Beverley D'Angelo) '83

National Lampoon's: European Vacation  D: Amy Heckerling (Same Parents- different kids?) '85

Navigator, the  D: Vincent Ward  (A time-travel adventure from New Zealand) '88

The Never Ending Story  84

Next Stop Wonderland  (Mother’s personal ad leads to various dating disasters for her daughter) 98

Nightmare on Elm Street D: Wes Craven (Kiddy Killer seek revenge in his victems dreams) 84

Night Moves  D:  Arthur Penn   (Gene Hackman as hard boiled privet eye) '75

Night of the Living Dead D:George Romero (the original zombie classic that started it all) '68

1941  D: Steven Speilberg  (John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd and many others) '79 LTBX

Nosferatu  D: F.W. Murnau  (silent Vampire movie, based on Dracula - still great!) '22

Nosferatu    D: Warner Hertzog    (Kinski stars as vampire in the remake of the original) '79

No Such Thing D: Hal Hartley  (cruel tabloid tv show sends office flunky to Iceland to find real monster) 2002

Nova : UFOs are we alone?             tv

Nutty Professor, the  D: Jerry Lewis  (Jerry Lewis classic take of on Dr. Jeykell...) '63





O'Brother, Where Art Thou?  D: Coen Brothers  ("Modern" retelling of the Odyssey. set durring 30s depression)2002

Oceans Eleven D: Soderbergh  (All-star group of thieves try to rob 3 casinos simultaneously) 01

Ode to Billy Joe  D: Max Baer (from song to movie - with new shocking twist) '76

Oh, God!   D: Carl Reiner (John Denver as grocery store manager, Geo.Burns as God) '77

Omen, the   D: Richard Donner  (1st in this series of spawn of Satan movies) '76

Omen IV - the awakening  D: Jorge Montesi  (same Satan, new child, this one's a girl) '91

The One D: James Wong (Stealing the power of the universes one by one) 01

One Nation Under God  D: Teodoro Maniaci & Francine Mirzeznik doc ( ex-gay movement, and how it backfired)

Onion Field  D: Harold Becker  (young James Woods stars in as true life cop killer) '79

Orson Welles - F for Fake  D:Orson Welles  doc(About greatest art forger, or is he a fake)

Our Hospitality   D: Buster Keaton  (silent Buster Keaton comedy) '23

Out of the Blue D:Dennis Hopper (daddy's a looser and his daughter is following his path) '80

Out-of-Towners  D: Aurther Hiller  (Jack Lemon goes through hell in nyc for job interview; Neil Simon comedy) '70