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The Adventures of Pluto Nash  Eddie Murphy is the man on the moon  '02

Abby    The Exorcist ... with an all black cast -DTD- D: William Girdler '74

After Shock   Post-apocalyptic "Blow-em-up"   D:  Frank Harris '88

Almost Famous  High School Journalist lands assignment with rock magazine and goes on band tour D: Cameron Crowe '01

American Sweethearts  Veteran publicist struggles to keep famous break-up under wraps  D: Joe Roth  '01

AntiTrust   Computer Espionage Thriller D: Peter Howitt '00

The Assassination of Richard Nixon  Sean Penn as shlub pushed to the brink by everyday woes  D: Niels Mueller '05

The Aviator     Howard Hughes bio-pic deals with his infamous bouts of strangeness cased by OCD  D: Martin Scorsese '04

Bad Santa  Billy Bob as thieving store Santa who freeloads off a suburban family until Christmas Eve Payoff  D: Terry Zwigoff

Big Fish   Son ties to reconcile with a father whose tall tails have always irked him  D: Tim Burton '03

Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2  - more typical b-horror; not just video of screaming in the woods D: Joe Berlinger '00

City By The Sea  Father (DeNiro) as cop tracking murderer who may be his son D: Michael Canton-Jones '01

Commissioner of Sewers  -  Collected - Shorts - Readings - Interviews from William S. Borroughs '91

The Day After Tomorrow   Global Super-Storm Adventure  D: Roland Emmerich '04

Dead Calm  Yachting couple rescues delirious sole survivor realizing he is unstable a little to late   D: Phillip Noyce '88

A Dirty Shame  Prudish home-maker gets bump on the head that sparks unquenchable libido  D: John Waters '04

Dr Strangelove or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bomb  D:Kubrick '63

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark  Newlyweds in old house with evil trolls living in the fireplace -creepy tv-  D: John Newland '73


EuroTrip - unrated -   D: Jeff Schaffer '04

Even Dwarfs Started Small  - Strange movie cast only with little people D:Herzog '69

The Fast and the Furious  high octane illegal street racing with Vin Diesel '01

The 400 Blows  Classic Portrait of troubled teen  D: Francois Truffaut '59

Four Weddings and a Funeral   D: Mike Newell '93

Freddy Got Fingered   D: Tom Green '01

Freddy vs. Jason  It's a shame to see them fighting - they used to be so close

The Freshman  Naive NYC film student gets involved with Mafioso in movable endangered species feast   D:  A. Bergman '90

Girl on a Motorcycle Marianne Faithfull hops a chopper & ditches her hubby (AKA - Naked Under Leather  ) D: Jack Caroiff '68

GoodFellas  D: Martin Scorsese '90

Harvey   Jimmy Stewart is small town's favorite son whose best friend just happens to be a 6ft rabbit D: Henry Koster '50

High School High  Jon Lovitz in  'Airplane'  style spoof on education genre

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy    Douglas Adams' screwball space adventure D: Garth Jennings '05

HitchHike to Hell & Kidnapped Coed  - Something Weird Video - Drive-In Double Feature with many extra features '77 / '85

The Holy Mountain (La Montagna Sacra) Another Jodorowsky Mind-Melter - extra-rare - D: Alexandro Jodorowsky '73

The Hours  Multi-layered story taking place in '23 - '51 - '01 about Verginia Woolfe and her characters D: Stephen Daldry '02

The Howling   Werewolf  Movie D: Joe Dante '80

Humanoids From The Deep   Fish-like humanoids are rising from the sea to spawn their vengeance   D: Barbara '80

In The Realms of the Unreal - The Mystery of Henry Darger  -doc-  D: Jessica Yu '04

Incident at Loch Ness  Werner Herzog joins film crew on journey to the Loch -doc-  INRII D: Zak Penn '04

Inside Deep Throat -doc- The Era, People & Events surounding famous porno  D: Fenton Bailey & Randy Barbato '05

Jawbreaker  Kidnapping prank leaves future prom queen dead  D: Darren Stein '99

Jonathan Richman - "Take Me To The Plaza"  19 songs in live performance '03

John's Not Mad  Incredible uncensored BBC documentaries about Tourette's Syndrome  '89/'02  DVD-R

Kids   Controversial movie about young teens in NYC D: Larry Clark '94

Kiss - Live in Las Vegas  -concert with multi-angle feature -  '02

the Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King    D: Peter Jackson '03

the Life Aquatic - with Steve Zissou  Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Anjelica Hustion & many others D: Wes Anderson '04

Life is Beautiful   Comic father guides his son through the horrors of a concentration camp  D: Roberto Benigni

The Maltese Falcon  Bogart as Detective Sam Spade in film noir classic D: John Huston '41

MARJOE  - rare doc - about famous child evangelist who grew up and became B-movie actor D: Smith & Kernochan '72  DVD-R

Mary Poppins D: Robert Stevenson '64

MEMENTO Amnesiac (They're popular) tries to solve and remember to solve the murder of his wife   D: Christopher Nolan

The Miami Model  - indymedia production -

Midnight Cowboy  D: John Schlesinger '69

Mondo Elvis Ultra-Strange -doc- about fanatical Elvis fans & their pilgramage to Graceland for his death-a-iversary '80s  DVD-R

Mystic River  Estranged Childhood friends are forced to remember dark past when murder occurs  D: Clint Eastwood '04

Norma Rae   Story of garment factory worker who has the courage to stand up and join the union  D: Martin Ritt '79

Orange County  Jack Black as the stoner brother who helps his plucky brother on a get into collage road trip - or something.

The Outlaw Josey Wales  Lone traveler avenges the deaths of an innocent family - very good - D: Clint Eastwood '76

Painful Deceptions  9/11 "Truth Movement" investigation - low production value - interesting questions - D: Eric Hufschmid

The Philadelphia Story - a true classic- Cary Grant, Katharine Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart D: George Cukor '40

Pieces of April  Thanksgiving Day spirals out of control when relatives & oven goes on the fritz  D: Peter Hedges '03

Plaster Caster  -doc- about the super-groupie who immortalized famous musicians' members in plaster D: Jessica Villines '03 

Predator 2   Glover & Busey continue battle against camouflaging alien D: Stephen Hopkins '90

The Ring  Video tape kills anyone who watches within 7 days  D: Gore Verbinski '02

Rumble Fish  From S.E. Hinton's novel about brothers trying to leave their gang lives behind  D: Francis Ford Coppola '83

Scary Movie   Spoof on recent teen horror franchise movies D: Keenen Ivory Wayans

Secretary  S&M affair develops between secretary and lawyer - romantic comedy - 

Shane Macgowan  - If I Should Fall From Grace - Shane drinks and sings and drinks and talks and drinks...

Slasher    interesting -doc- about a hard drinking - hard smoking - traveling Used Car Auctioneer D: John Landis '03

Snow Falling On Cedars Ethan Hawke as local reporter with former flame charged in sensational crime  '99

Song Of The South   Rare Disney Skeletion that never sees the like of day in the USA - Br'er Rabbit Tales - '46 DVD-R

Spring Forward  Recently out of prison, a young man is forced to reevaluate his prejudices D: Tom Gilroy '00

Starman   Amiable space man who falls into the life of a recent widow - romantic adventure - WBTYSM -  D: John Carpenter '84

Tarzan  - Disney Animated - Enjoyable but for the Phil Collens

Torque   High Octane Biker Flick - Ice Cube - D: Joseph Kahn '03

Vacation  Chevy Chase takes family on disastrously funny cross country trip to Wally World  D: Harold Ramis '83

White Noise   Paranormal Thriller involving Electronic Voice Phenomena D: Geoffrey Sax '05

Winged Migration   Nature -doc- follows many species of migrating birds - better than you'd think -  D:  Jacques Perrin '01

The Woodsman    Kevin Bacon as recently paroled sex-offender trying to redeem himself   - DTDOM - D: Nicole Kassell '04

X-Men  Comic Book Mutant Super Heroes brought to big screen life   D: Brian Singer '00

Zombie  Italian Zombie Gore Flick censored or banned in several countries D: Lucio Fulci '79

Zodiac Killer -  modern low budget investigates possible solution to infamous '60s serial killer D: Ulli Lomel '04





Arrested Development (seasons 1 & 2) hilarious ensemble show about corporate welfare family forced to straighten up

Family Guy (season 3)

Family Guy Movie - Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (-uncensored-)

Home Movies (seasons 1 & 2) -animated - Adult Swim Series about the life of precocious grade school filmmaker and his friends

The Honeymooners -Lost Episodes (5 disks; 8 episodes each)

LETHAL WEAPON(S)  1-4   Danny Glover & Mel Gibson D: Richard Donner

The Simpsons  (seasons 4 - 5 - 6) 


  A DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENTS - This is a series of releases from the same distributor.  The movies are unrelated.   Each DVD contains a feature length film, and a short film (by other directors)  Honestly I have yet to watch all of them - but they all look pretty good.


 Ali Zaoua    Urchins living hard lives on the streets of Morocco D: Nabil Ayouch

 El Bola   Young boy with abusive homelive finds comfort with a  new classmates  family  D:  Athero Manas

Ginger and Cinnamon  Repressed 30 yro plays chaperone to her 15yro niece in Greece   D: Daniele Luchetti

Inch'Allah Dimanche  Set mid 70s about Algerian immigrants in France D: Yamina Benguigui

Light Of My Eyes  Single mother befriended by a chauffeur who almost runs her daughter over  D: Giuseppe Piccioni

Manito   48 tense hours in the lives of a Latino family in NYC - compared (of course) to Mean Sts. D: Eric Eason

Morlang   Inspired by a true story of a man who tricked his wife into committing suicide D: Tjebbo Penning

OT: Our Town   -doc-  Stageing of Thornton Wilder's classic @ a Compton High School D: Scott Hamilton Kennedy






About Schmidt   Nicholson hits the road in an RV in a post retirement coming of age movie  D: Alexander Payne '02

Absolute Beginners  Stylized Rock Musical about 50s London featuring David Bowie & Sade   D: Julian Temple '86

The Adventures of Ford Fairlane  Andrew Dice Clay Vehicle -CAB-

The African  Queen  Cantankerous river boat captain (Bogart) guides missionary (Hepburn) on dangerous mission  D: Huston '51

Air Force One     President Harrison Ford thwarts terrorist/hijacker Gary Oldman from killing his wife & daughter. '97

AIRPLANE!    You really need capitalization ...a low brow classic  D: Abrahams, Zucker & Zucker  '80

Ali   The contentious objector years, when Ali was  not allowed to box because he refused induction into the army.  D: Michael Mann

Aliens  Well Done and more amped up sequel to previous space monster scream fest -AGINB- D: James Cameron '86

All Of Me  Lily Tomlin & Steve Martin are trapped in the same body - his D: Carl Reiner '84

Amadeus    D: Milos Forman '84

American Heart  Jeff Bridges as a recently paroled father raising his son Edward Furlong. '92

American Tickler Joe Piscopo (remember him?) in cavalcade spoof on tv and American culture '76

An Eye for an Eye  Chuck Norris Action Flick

Anchorman  Will Ferrell as chauvinist news anchor in the rough world of '70s tv news  D: Adam McKay '04

Andy Worhol presents Frankenstein    D: Paul Morrissey

Angel Heart    Strange voodoo detective story with De Niro, Micky Rourke & Lisa Bonet  D: Alan Parker '87

Annie Hall  One of the definitive movies about relationships & dating - often imitated, rarely improved -D: Woody Allen '77

Another Day In Paradise   Makeshift family of thieves on cross country crime spree D: Larry Clark '98

Assassins  Stallone,Banderas, Julianne Moore - eventually everyone makes a movie with everyone else  D: Richard Donner  '95





Baby Doll   Tennessee Williams & Elia Kazan join talents again for controversial classic that was considered by                                                                         some to be the dirtiest film of its day. Wi/ Eli Wallach and Carl Malden  D: Elia Kazan  '56

BackTrack  Witness to a mob murder and on the lamb an artist (Jodie Foster) avoids becoming a hit-vic D: Dennis Hopper '90

Badasssss!   Bio-pic about legendary film maker Melvin Van Peebles and his struggles to complete 

                      and distribute his films in the early 70s. - DTM - D: Mario Van Peebles '04

Barton Fink D:  John(s) Turturro & Goodman in film about nebbishy 1940s screen writer with writers block who's befriended by a        

                             psychotic traveling salesman. Fourth Coen Bros. movie - WPd'O@CFF-. D: Joel Coen '91

Basquiat     Basquiat was a unknown graffiti artist who became an 80s art sensation   D: Julian Schnabel

The Beast Within Normal Son experiences some unusual growing pains D: Philippe Mora '81

Beautiful People  The Wall Street Journal (-how can you go wrong there) says:"Brilliant! Hilarious!" D: Jasmin Dizdar '99

Belly   "Realistic urban dram highlighted by an all-star hip-hop cast"  D: Hype Williams '98

Best of SNL - Best of Dan Akroyd

Best of SNL - 1983

Best of SNL '76      Many classice gems from original Saturday Night Live cast

Best of SNL - Jerry Seinfeld

Better off Dead  Dorkey romantic comedy with many laughs John Cusack classic D: Steve Holland '85

Billy Elliot  secretly skips boxing lessons for dance lessons, to the dismay of working class father D: Stephen Daldry '00

Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss  D:Tommy O'Haver

Black & White  Strange movie about filmmaker (B. Shields) & her gay husband (Downey Jr.) making a doc on

                            rich-white teens drawn to "hip-hop lifestyle" - weird cameos incld. Mike Tyson being made  uncomfortable

                            by Downey's advances -reportedly an all to real event...the reaction, not he advances. D: James Toback  '99

Blade   Wesley Snipes as vampire hunter who's part vampire himself  '98

Blood Simple  First Coen Brothers film..  Latter-day Noir. D: Joel Coen '85

Blue Movies  - They were too old for paper routes  '88

Bodies, Rest & Motion   Obligatory twentysomething who love and talk, and love to talk. '93

Body Heat  Modern film-noir  - pretty sweaty stuff -  D: Lawrence Kasdan '81

Boys Don't Cry   Tragically True story of murdered trans-gendered woman  B: Kimberly Peirce '99

Bowfinger  Shlock director puts big star in newest flick by filming without his knowledge or consent - likable - D: Frank Oz '99

Boondock Saints   Murdering Twin brothers who believe they have been chosen to rid the world of even D: Troy Duffy '99

Braveheart   Historical Scottish Battle Epic - love and sword fighting - D: Mel Gibson '95

Breakdown  A Couple stranded on a deserted high way is separated and menaced by small town locals - ain't it always the way -

The Breakfast Club  A Jock, A Priss, A Dork, A Rebel & Ally Sheedy spend Saturday in  detention. 

                                  Everyone smokes pot and Sheedy gets a makeover .   D: John Hughes

Bringing Out The Dead  Nicolas Cage as paramedic on the brink of meltdown - many co-stars D: Martin Scorsese '99

The Brother From Another Planet Amusing & Touching comedy about alien visitor played by Joe Morton  D: John Sayles '84

The Brothers McMullen  Long Island brothers reconcile life & love D: Edward Burns & Dick Fisher '95

Bubba Ho-Tep    Bruce Campbell (of Evil Dead Fame) as elderly Elvis (no he didn't die) fighting an ancient  mummy

                             with black JFK (Ossie Davis) Poignant, Funny and Action Packed -must see- D: Don Coscarelli '03

But I'm A Cheerleader  Goofy Comedy about gay cheerleader sent to re-education boot camp. D:Jamie Babbit  '99

The Butcher Boy  Unique story of Irish boy copeing w/ the cold war world of  '62  D: Neil Jordan  '97




Can You Hear The Laughter - The Freddie Prinze Story  (made for tv movie)

Capricorn One  James Brolin & The Juice in film about faked expedition to Mars - dated but fun

Captain Corelli's Mandolin   Nicolas Cage & Penelope Cruz in war-torn romance set on Greek island  D: John Madden '01

Careful He Might Hear You  Sisters feud over custody of their nephew - Australian Drama - D: Carl Schultz  '84

Carnal Knowledge Jack Nicholson & Art Garfunkel share adult situations with Ann Margret D: Mike Nichols '71

Casa de los Babies   Strong Cast in story about 6 American women about to adopt children D: John Sayles '03

The Celluloid Closet            Great doc about images of gay men & women through out cinema history     D: Epstein & Friedman '95

The Champ   Boxing tale about father making a comeback while trying to raise a son D: Franco Zeffirelli '79

Chaplin    Robert Downey Jr. gives good performance in adequate bio-pic about the little tramp' D: Richard Attenborough ''92

'Charade'   Hepburn & Grant in romantic triller about a widow eluding crooks & spys who are looking for

                     her dead husbands stolen WWII treasure D: Stanley Donen '63

Chicago    D: Rob Marshall '02

Chicken Run    Aardman Animation's (Wallace & Gromit) Chickens unite to escape evil hatchery D: Peter Lord & Nick Park

Children of the Corn  Young couple stranded in small Nebraska town is terrorized by evil religious child sect '84

The Chinese Connection  Bruce Lee as star pupel of Shanghai Karate school caught up in 1900s international corruption


Christine  Steven King story about a boy & his demonic '58 Plymouth Fury D: John Carpenter '83

C.H.U.D.   Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers -Maybe the best movie ever made.....Maybe.   '84

Citizen Ruth  Laura Dern stars "Provocative!" -USA Today   - Well If  USA Says So...who am i to argue  D: Alexander Payne

City Slickers  Trio of NYC executives take dude ranch vacation with comic results

Class  A Prep-school friendship's in jeopardy when one boy has an affair with the other's mother - whoops! '83

Classic Comedy Clips  Cavalcade of clips - Mel Brooks, Rutles to SNL & SCTV

Closet Land   A government inquisitor gives a children's author the 3rd degree over her books' subtext D: Radha Aharadwaj '90

Cocktail   Cocky lil Tom Cruse finds fame, fortune and romance as a flashy juggling bartender -PFB- '88

Coffee & Cigarettes  Various vignettes staring the likes of Bill Murry, Tom Waits, Iggy Pop & RZA D: Jim Jarmusch '04

The Comedy of Terrors   Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff, Basil Rathbone.....that's right, Basil Rathbone!  '64

Conan: The Destroyer The Govinator does what he does best in Barbarian Epic Sequel D:  Richard Fleischer '84

The Cooler   Luck changes for a permanent looser employed to bring bad luck to Vegas hopefuls D: Wayne Kramer '03

The Cowboy Way  Woody Harrelson & Kiefer Sutherland are  estranged cowboy friends mending fences on a big city adventures '94

Creature of the Haunted Sea   Another Corman Classic - one of the low-budget masters D: Roger Corman '60

CQ  Story of a sci-fi film being made in Paris '69 but set in 2001 - NECAG -Roman Coppola '02




Dame Darcy - Turn of the Century - highlight reel from one of NYCs best loved cable access shows '97

Dawn of the Dead    Running Zombies are scarier...Hmmm, Who Knew?   good remake of Romero Classic  D: Zack Snyder '04

Daylight                 Sly Sallone leads survivors out of collapsed NYC tunnel -CLWE- D: Rob Coen '96

Dead End Drive-In  Government sponsored mind control camp   D: Brian Trenchard-Smith  '86

Deadly Blessing  Puritanical religious sect terrorizes young widow and her citified friends D: Wes Craven '81

Death Riders   Ride along  -doc- about a troupe of  young daredevils on the carnival circuit '76

The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years  -WIHP1 - D: Penelope Spheeris ''88

Demolition Man  Stallone & Snipes as futuristic cop and criminal in the year 2023  D: Marco Brambilla '93

Demonds of the Mind  Bavarian Castle and Count Zorn - say no more  D: Peter Sykes '72

Demon Seed  Super-Computer turns electronic house against it's occupant -sci-fi horror -     D: Donald Cammell '77

Desert Hearts    Lesbian love story set in Reno D: Donna Deitch '85

Devil in the Flesh   New Girl at high school turns out to be dangerous killer D: Steve Cohen '98

The Devonsville Terror   Donald Pleasence (the bald guy from Halloween) in small town witchcraft story D: Ulli Lommel '83

Dick Tracy    - Madonna and a cast of famous actors covered in foam rubber - D: Warren Beatty

Disturbing Behavior   Small town high school beleaguered by goody-goody mind-control clique  D: David Nutter '98

Doctor Dolittle   Musical fantasy about English Dr. who can talk with the animals D: Richard Fleischer '67

Dr. Hackenstein    Anne Ramsey's Last Movie - don't you know who Anne Ramsey is -   D: Richard Clark '88

Doc Hooker   Con-Artist travels the west with medicine show and dancing girls D: Zach Belcher

DodgeBall   Vince Vaughn & Ben Stiller  - that about covers it - D: Rawson Marshall Thurber '04

Don't Look Back  Bob Dylan -doc- filmed during his '65 English tour. Features many luminaries. D: D.A. Pennebaker '67

The Double O Kid  Corey Haim (i'm not proud) & Wallace Shawn (-whore-) "It's action, comedy & Corey Haim"  -SIP- '92

Down and Out in Beverly Hills Homeless man is taken in by rich family and redesigns their lives  D: Paul Mazursky

Dream for an Insomniac  -reverse sleeping beauty - D: Tiffanie Degartolo '98

Dummy  Adrian Brody as introvert who tries coming out of his shell via ventriloquism - Who Hasn't - D: Greg Pritikin '03

Dungeons & Dragons  Because eventually every video, board and roll playing game will become a movie....you'll see!








Eat the Rich  - British comedy with big star cameos - WARNING: may decrease intelligence '87

Embryo  Rock Hudson is a scientist whose pre-natal experiments prove successful but potentially disastrous - creepy sci-fi

Encounter With The Unknown  Rod Serling narrates three tales of supernatural suspense - RSR -

Endless Descent     Deep Sea Horror '89

Erik the Viking   Tim Robbins in Viking comedy fantasy D: Terry Jones '89

E.T. - The Extra-Terrestrial  Inner-Stellar freeloader eats suburban family out of house-n-home & runs up a huge phone bill

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind  J. Carrey & K.Winslet as a couple breaking up in  a world where you can pay to

have selected memories erased....say a bad break up.  Yet another from the pen of  Charlie Kaufman  D: Michel Gondry '04

Evil Under the Sun  Christie's famous sleuth Hercule Poirot solves another star studded murder  mystery. D: Hamilton '82

Exterminator 2  - words can not describe - D: Mark Buntzman '84

Eye For An Eye  Mother seeks justice against her daughter's killer who is set free D: John Schlesinger '96

Eyes Wide Shut   Cruise & Kidman in last Kubrick flick -strange story includes mysterious sex party- D: Stanley Kubrick  '99




Fahrenheit 9/11     D: Michael Moore '03

The Falcon &The Snowman True story of childhood friends who sold secrets to the Soviets  D: John Schlesinger '84

Falling Down Michael Douglas as angry white-collar-white-guy who snaps & goes on a cross town rant D: Joel Schumacher '92

Fast Food   Jim Varney & Traci Lords - NNV - D: Michael A. Simpson '89

Fiddler On The Roof    Watch once a year....TRADITION!  D: Norman Jewison '71

54   The rise and fall of the most lavish disco era club D: Mark Christopher

Fighter Aces of World War II  Personal recollections and actual footage

Final Comedown  Billy Dee Williams as angry young black man pushed to his limit -DTM-  D: Oscar Williams

First Blood             Sly Stallone in the 1st Rambo installment...still the best.   D: Ted Kotcheff

First Knight           Arthurian Retelling   D: Jerry Zucker '95

Fists of Fury    1st staring vehicle for Bruce Lee - classic Martial Arts revenge and retribution               D: Lo Wie  '71

Flying Saucers Are Real!  Stanton T. Friedman ufologist - if you like that sort of thing, which i do -

Frankenstein     D: JamesWhale '31

Freebie and the Bean  James Caan & Alan Arkin as mismatched cop partners in San Fran   D: Richard Rush '74

Frequency   Strange Phenomena gives son window into the 30yo murder of his father  D: Gregory Hoblit '00

Food of the Gods pt. 2  Attack of the Giant Rats!! - one of the best -  WIHTO -  '88

The Fog of War   Engaging doc about Robert S. McNamara - Secretary of Defense under JFK & LBJ ...-RFG!- D: Errol Morris '03

The Forgotten   A mother grieving the loss of her child awakes one day to find all traces of him gone  '04

The Forsaken  Teenage Vampire Road Flick D: J.S. Cardone '01

Four Weddings and a Funeral  Andie MacDowell and Hugh Grant...needs more funeral

Frank Sinatra: Life & Time  TV - doc- 'bout the chairman, his friends & his exploits.

Full Moon High   Teenage horror comedy spoof from legendary cult director D: Larry Coen '80

Funny Farm    Chevy Chase as a NYC sportswriter who moves upstate & finds his new town less than gracious D: George Roy Hill '88

Funny Side Up Baseball Sports Bloopers  -you really haven't lived yet have you?

FX  Special Effects Wizard is hired to fake a murder to protect key witness of a big trial....but then he's double crossed...or is he? '86




Gacy      Accurate portrayal of  infamous serial killer who was 'well respected' in his community  D: Clive Saunders  '02

The Gambler - VOL(s) 1 - 2 - 3  Kenny Rodgers turns his famous song persona into a trio of T.V. Movies  -IPWNW-

The Game   Stuffed Shirt Michael Douglas in enrolled in elaborate & deadly game as a B-day Present D: David Fincher '97

George Carlin - Live - Jammin' in New York '92

The Getaway  Sparks fly between Steve McQueen & Ally MacGraw in high speed heist flick D: Sam Peckenpah '72

Gigi                        Lerner & Loewe musical with charm to spare   D: Vincent Minnelli '58

The Girl                 Lesbian Film Noir D: Sande Zeig '00

GirlFight   - I haven't tried this yet but the box says: "(It) will make you stand up and cheer."  D: Karyin Kusama '00

Girls Will Be Girls    - An actress' life can be a real drag."  D: Richard Day '03

Ghost      WHOOPI-SWAYZE-DEMI D: Jerry Zucker '90

The Ghost and The Darkness  Lions feed on railway workers in East Africa 1896. Only Val Kilmer & Michael Doulas can stop them.

GodSend                Cloneing your dead child seemed like a good idea at the time.....Whoops!  De Niro (-again-) D: Nick Hamm '04

The Goodbye Girl  Single mother comes home to find her apartment has been sublet  by annoying actor D: Herbert Ross '77

The Good Mother    - child custody drama - D: Mr. Spock

Gorillas In The Mist  True Story of  anthropologist Dian Fossey studying mountain gorillas in Africa D: Michael Apted '88

Great Moments from Great Movies  (I refuse to write anything here)

Grumpy Old Men  Long time feuding Neighbors compete for the hand of a fair lady  D: Donald Petrie '93







Hamlet                   - FZVIB - D: Kenneth Branagh '96

Hang 'Em High    Clint Eastwood is judge, Jury & Executioner in great western  D: Ted Post '68

Harlan County, USA   -doc- about 180 coal mining families during their year long strike  D: Barbara Kopple '76

Harvey  Small Town's Favorite Son (Jimmy Stewart) Has Giant Rabbit As Best Friend D: Henry Koster '50

The Haunted Palace  Vincent Price in a Edgar Allan Poe story  D: Roger Corman '63

The Haunting of Julia  Mia Farrow as woman haunted by evil ghost child who wasn't that nice when she was alive

Heartbreak Ridge                 D: Clint Eastwood '86

Hearts and Armour  Sword & Sorcery head-scratchier D: Giacomo Battiato '83

Heckle & Jeckle

Hedwig & The Angry Inch    Gender bending glam-rock musical D: John Cameron Mitchell '01

Hell's Angels On Wheels  Jack Nicholson as a gas station attendant who joins up with the infamous MC  D: Richard Rush '67

Hell's Brigade - The Final Assault  Jack Palance in maybe the worst war movie ever made....I'm serious

Heller In Pink Tights  Off Beat Western w/ Sophia Loren & Anthony Quinn D: George Cukor '60

Hellraiser - Bloodline   - 4th in series - D: Alan Smithee

High Anxiety   Another high point for Brooks as the usual suspects pay respects to Hitchcock    D: Mel Brooks '78

Highlander 2 - The Quickening   Immortal swashbuckling aliens sent to save the planet earth D: Russell Mulcahy '90

His Girl Friday  Classic Screwball Comedy staring Cary Grant D: Howard Hawks '40

History of the World part 1  The comic highs & lows of  several thousand years   D: Mel Brooks '81

Hollywood Ending                 An aging director desperately needs a hit but when he gets his chance he finds himself    

                                    suffering from as case of hysterical blindness D:Woody Allen'02

Hoopdreams   Acclaimed -doc- follows two teenagers in pursuit of careers in professional basketball D: Steve James '94

How I Got Into Collage   Savage Steve (Better off Dead; One Crazy Summer) turns lens on higher ed. D: Savage Steve Holland

How The Grinch Stole Christmas!  Classic Dr. Seuss holiday special narrated by Walter Matthau

How The Rhinoceros Got His Skin & How The Camel Got His Hump Read By Jack Nicholson Illustrations By Tim Raglin 30min

How to Irritate People John Cleese and other Pythons in various informational sketches for would-be annoyers.  BBC

The Hudsucker Proxy   Tim Robbins as a mailroom rube promoted to president of toy company D: Joel Coen '94

The Hurricane   Rubin Carter, convicted of a crime he didn't commit at prime of his boxing career D: Norman Jewison '00




If These Walls Could Talk   Stories about abortion from 50s to present D: Nancy Savoca & Cher '96

i  H huckabees  It's annoying to have to use the 'heart' symbol when listing this title. A good movie

                              w/ many stars - existential detective story D: David O Russell

" I Love you Alice B. Toklas"  Peter Sellers turns into hippie during mid-life crisis D: Hy Averback '68

Immortal Beloved  Gary Oldman as Beethoven in mystery about secret love lives of Ludwig Van  D: Bernard Rose '95

The Incredibly True Adventure of 2 Girls In Love   -SETNEN-  D: Maria Maggenti  '95

In Love And War  Period piece about young Hemingway @ war & romance that inspired Farewell2Arms D: Richard Attenborough 'Interview with the Vampire   Tom Cruise & Brad Pitt in Vampire saga that spans centuries D: Neil Jordan '94

Intervista   The Introspective Fedrico turns the lens upon himself  D: Fedrico Fellini '93

Invincible Facinating tale based on actual Jewish strong-man who rises to fame in '30s Berlin  D: Werner Herzog '02

In the Heat Of The Night   S. Poitier stars as Philly Cop stuck in small town Mississippi investigation   D: Norman Jewison  '67

In the Line Of Fire  Veteran Secret Service Agent (Eastwood) protects Pres. from John Malkovich  D: Wolfgang Peterson '92

In the Name of the Father  Story of Gerry Conlon wrongly imprisoned for IRA bombings -true story - D: Jim Sheridan '93

The Island of Dr. Moreau   One of the more campy yet satisfying versions of H.G. Wells' story about genetic tinkering '77

Iron Monkey  Chen Kwan Tai stars

Italian for Beginners  In Danish & Italian w/ English Subtitles ...wow! D: Lone Scherfig

"I Want To Get Married"  Arabian Video - English Subtitles





Jack  Bitter-sweet coming of age about kid whose parents are splitting up after father comes out of the closet

Jackass - the movie    - And the times...they are a  end-ing!

The Jackal  Assassin out to kill U.S. Official can only be thwarted by imprisoned operative who may not be trustworthy '97

Jason & The Argonauts   '00

JFK    JFK murder investigation D: Oliver Stone '91

Johnny Guitar   Iconoclastic Western featuring Joan Crawford & Sterling Hayden D:  Nicholas Ray '53

Journey to the Center of the Earth  Classic Jules Verne Fantasy '59

Journey into the Beyond  John Carradine narrates this mondo-style look at the paranormal

The Joy Luck Club    D: Wayne Wang

Julia    Jane Fonda as spy fighting fascism in the 30s  D: Fred Zinnemann '77



The Kentuckian   Lancaster as Kentucky mountain man traveling with his son to TX - dated but great - D: Burt Lancaster '55

The Kids in the Hall  - 4 episode tape

Knockaround Guys Good cast incld. Dennis Hopper, John Malkovich & Seth Green in action-comedy-thriller-film-I-Didn't-See '01

The Krays  true story of twins who started a criminal empire in England  D: Peter Medak '90


Laboratory   No budget, No Stars, No Talent, No Problem...Sci-fi film '80

L.A. Confidential  Great cast & storytelling make this tale of sleazy shenanigans in L.A. a must D: Curtis Hanson '97

Lady Caroline Lamb  "England's Most Notorious Sex Scandal!"   '72


Land of the Minotaur Donald Pleasence & Peter Cushing  D: Costa Carayiannas

Lantana    "Four couples are drawn into a tangled web of love, deceit, sex & death."  -mystery- D: Ray Lawrence '02

The Last Stop   Trapped in a Colorado Blizzard a cop must find a killer among stranded resort guests.'99

Lawrence of Arabia  D: David Lean '62

The Legend of Drunken Master   Jackie Chan  D: Lau Ka Leung

Like Water for Chocolate  Unrequited love spice's irresistible food  Alfonso Arau

The Limey  English ex-con goes to LA to investigate and avenge his daughters 'accidental death' D: Steven Soderbergh '99

Lisa and The Devil  Elke Sommer as a tourist drawn to a mansion which may be the home of  Telly Savalas D: Mario Bava 

Look Back In Anger  Richard Burton as angry washout who runs a candy stall at the local flea market  D: Tony Richardson  '59

Lone Wolf McQuade   Texas border control officer against drug-dealing warlord  D: Steve Carver '83

The Longest Day  Huge cast and four directors make this one of the all time greatest WWII movies - very good - NBS - '62

Lost Souls  The devil is back and only Winona Ryder can stop his latest plot to rule the world D: Janusz Kaminski ''00

Lost Highway     Another Lynch Head-Scratcher D: David Lynch

Lost Horizon  Famed film about mythical utopia  Shangri-La   D: Frank Capra '37

The Lord of the Rings  - animated version of Tolkien classic... (- no it doesn't have that one part - ) D: Ralph Bakshi '78

Love At First Sight Dan Aykroyd as blind ex-barber working in a china shop -romantic comedy -  D: Rex Bromfield '76

The Lovers on the Bridge     Homeless artist losing her sight falls in love with troubled street performer D: Leos Carax


The Mack   It takes a street-fighter to clean up the streets D: Michael Campus

Mad Max - Beyond Thunderdome  3rd in Road Warrior series D: George(s) Miller & Ogilvie '85

The Majestic   Jim Carrey as amnesiac screenwriter who is mistaken by small town as long lost war hero   D: Frank Darabont  '01

The Manchurian Candidate Updated version of mind-control classic. Worth a look - NAGAO - what is?  D: Jonathan Demme'04

Manhattan Beautifully filmed cityscapes backed by Gershwin enhance this story of love's missed opportunities D: Woody '79

Manhunter   Adaptation of Red Dragon and the 1st film to feature Dr. Hannibal Lecter D: Michael Mann '86

Man In The Sand  Billy Bragg & Wilco recording Woody Guthrie Songs

The Man With One Red Shoe  Remake of popular French farce w/Tom Hanks as violinist mistaken for a spy '85

The Man Who Would Be King   ...Or Would He?  D: John Huston '75

March of the Wooden Soldiers - Laurel & Hardy beloved family classic -MSSC- (can be creepy)

Mary Shelley's: Frankenstein       D: Kenneth Branagh '94

Master of the World   Vincent Price is great as Nimo like character with Proto-Zeppelin bent on world peace by any means.

The Matrix Keanu Reeves & Laurence Fishburn in futuristic Gnostic parable with special kung-fu effects  D: Wachowski '98

Matewan  Bitter clash between union & coal company during the 20s - based on historical events - very good -   D: John Sayles '87

Mausoleum  Classic 80s B-Horror...almost too good for the drive-in. '83

Maxie     Comedy w/ Glenn Close as woman possessed by spirit of roaring 20s flapper D: Paul Aaron

Mean Streets    D: Martin Scorsese '73

Meatballs    Bill Murray as activities director of less than perfect summer camp  -SCCWPOT-  D: Ivan Reitman '

Medicine Man  Sean Connery in Amazon adventure as a doctor researching cancer fighting herbs D: John McTiernan

Medusa - dare to be truthful               Julie Brown spoofs Madonna

Meet Wally Sparks  Rodney Dangerfield

"Men"   Husband leaves wife only to take up apartment with the actor she's sleeping with - German comedy - D: Doris Dorrie '86

Menace II Society     Powerful drama about inner city turmoil  D: Hughes Brothers'93

Michael Collins  Ireland's struggle against England and the statesman martyred for the cause D: Neil Jordan '96

Milo   Small town friends reunite years later only to be stalked by childhood murderer who killed their friend  D: Pascal Franchot '98

The Mind Snatchers  Christopher Walken falls prey to secret Army mind control experiments D:Wallice Fox '72

Misery    James Caan & Kathy Bates in Steven King story about obsessed fan & hostage author D: Rob Reiner '90

Modern Problems Chevy Chase as air traffic controller who gains telekinetic powers from toxic-waste  D: Ken Shapiro '81

The Molly Maguires  A Secret society of militant coal miners  w/ Sean Connery D: Martin Ritt '69

Monsoon Wedding                chaos ensues when throngs of over-sea relations attend D: Mira Nair ''02

Monster  Compelling story of Aileen Wuornos -female serial killer - great acting by Charlize Theron - D: Patty Jenkins '03

Mother's Day  Vacationing coeds are terrorized by back woods psychos and their mommy D: Charles Kaufman

Mr. Mom                Written by John Huges; Michael Keaton becomes stay at home daddy as Terri Garr becomes bread winner '83

My Big Fat Greek Wedding    Funny even if you didn't think you'd like it - YDKE - D: Joel Zwick

The Muse   Down on his luck screenwriter pays for help from actual daughter of Zeus D: Albert Brooks "99

"The Music Man"   Classic Musical about travailing Con-Man peddling brass band utopia to small towns '61

My Bloody Valentine  Because Every Holiday is eventually turned into a horror movie '81

Mystery Men  Ben Stiller, Janeane Garofalo, and yes even Tom Waits in comedy about Super Hero Wanna-Bs '00


Napoleon Dynamite Archtypical Akward Teen Becomes A New Kind Of Hero...an American Hero!  D: Jared Hess '04

Nashville   Epic story weaves 27 characters through 5 days in country music capital  D: Robert Altman '75

Nightmare in Wax    Wax Museum = Horror movie - It's never a comedy is it?  D: Bud Townsand

The Night Visitor  Accused of a murder he did not commit a man is placed in an escape proof asylum  D: Laslo Denedek '70

Nora  Romance between authors James Joyce (Ewen McgGregor) & Nora Barnacel (Susan Lynch)  D: Pat Murphy  '02

Norma Jean & Marilyn   Ashley Judd & Mira Sorvino as the two phases/faces of Monrow in HBO bio-pic -TBF-

Northanger Abby -BBC production of Jane Austen's novel '87

Nothing to Lose Tim Robbins is a down and out white collar who turns the tables on carjaker  Martin Lawrence

Not Of This Earth    Traci Lords in send up of classic 50s sci-fi schlock D: Jim Wynorski  '88

Now, Voyager  Bette Davis   D: Irving Rapper '42



The Object Of My Affection  Jennifer Aniston falls in love with her new gay roommate...her new gay roommate...he's gay....'98

Of Mice & Men  John Malkovich & Sinise as Steinbeck's Lennie & George D: Gary Sinise '92

One Day In September  -doc- about '72 Olympic hostage crisis when PLO terrorists killed Israelis  D: Kevin Macdonald '99

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest     ...JUST ONE?   D: Milos Forman

Opening Night  Alcoholic Actress comes to grips with her waning career  D: John Cassavettes

Open Water  Husband and Wife on a scuba diving trip are left at sea by boat....High but certainly not dry  '04

Outerspace Connection   Narrated by Rod Serling ...UFO-doc  -RSR-                  D: Fred Warshofsky

The Outlaw  Once notorious western dogged by early film censers stars Jane Russell D: Howard Hughes '41

Out of Order  D: Wayne Powers '03

Outland                 Connery in sci-fi about deaths among futuristic miners D: Peter Hyams '81



Paris is Burning    Brilliant -doc- about young gay men in Harlem and their dance competitions D:Jennie Livingston '92

Paris, Texas   Amnesiac husband wanders out of the desert years after his disappearance D: Wim Wenders '84

Parenthood         Steve Martin family comedy - enjoyable -  D: Ron Howard '89

Parents  Randy Quaid in dark comic spoof on suburbia w/ just a bit of cannibalism  D: Bob Balaban '88

Patterns    Rod Serling wrote this engaging story of a young executive's rise to the top -NTZBSG- D: Fielder Cook '56

Pay It Forward   Young boy starts chain-letter of good deeds for a social studies project  D: Mimi Leder ''00

Permanent Midnight  Ben Stiller in dramady about junky tv writer - based on true story - AMMAJ- D: David Veloz '93

Pink Floyd  - The Wall  D: Alan Parker '82

Phenomenon    Johnny T as man who suddenly develops acute mental abilities - likable - D: Jon Turteltaub

Phonebooth  Sniper keeps hostage pinned down at public phone  D: Joel Scumacher '03

The Presidio   -more political intrigue- '88

Pride & Prejudice  -BBC production of Jane Austen's novel  '85

Primal Fear     Young Edward Nortan is murder suspect involved in web of corruption and Richard Gere is his public defender - PDG -

Primary Colors  From a book allegedly about Clintons - the comparisons are obvious - D: Mike Nichols '98

Prizzi's Honor  Jack Nicholson & Kathleen Turner as hired killers in love with orders to kill eachother  D: John Huston '85

Proof  Russell Crowe is a blind man who compulsively take photos to confirm the world around him D: Jocelyn Moorhouse '92

Psycho  - story about the ultimate mamma's boy - D: Alfred Hitchcock '60

Psycho II & III - What can I say...It's Psycho II....& III

Pump Up The Volume   Disgruntled teen starts pirate radio station D: Allan Moyle

Purple Rain  His Royal-Badness in the semi-autobiographical pout-fest that killed the pirate shirt look    D: Albert Magnoli '84



Queens Logic  Large cast in enjoyable comedy about mid-life problems amongst childhood friends. -TWFNM- '90

The Quickie   Russian mob boss enlists exterminator to clean up his mess' - Suspense / Thriller -  D:Sergei Bodrov '02



Raiders of the Lost Ark  The original Indiana Jones Epic -NNW- D: Steven Spielberg '81

The Rainbow Thief   Reclusive Nut-Ball Prince lives in sewers with help of homeless man  D: Alexandro Jodorowsky  '90

Ravenous  Members of an isolated military post in the Sierra Navada go up against marauding bunch of cannibals D: Antonia Bird

Ready To Wear  Murder at high fashion runway premiere D: Robert Altman '94

Ren & Stimpy 3 classic episodes  - always good -

Return of the Dragon    Bruce Lee takes on Roman gangsters & Chuck Norris  D: Bruce Lee '73

Riding in Cars With Boys  Drew Barrymore rebellious teen who becomes single mother D: Penny Marshall '01

Robin and Marian Connery & Hepburn as famous lovers reunited in their twilight years - Sword & Romane- '76

The Rock  - I can't remember if this is an "Action Packed Thrill Ride" or a "Spectacular Waste Of Time" D: Michael Bay

The Rookie Dennis Quaid as father, teacher & high school coach who goes back to his dream of becoming a major leaguer

Romy & Michele's High School Reunion - Mira Sorvino & Lisa Kudrow -  D: David Mirkin

Ruin Explorers Japanese animation w/ subtitle

The Russia House  Political Spy Thriller staring Sean Connery & Michelle Pfeiffer '90





The Safety of Objects           Large cast in drama of intertwining suburban sorrows   D: Rose Troche '03

Salmonberries   K.D. Lang stars in story set in Arctic Wilderness  D: Percy Adleon '91

Satan's Cheerleaders  Satanic school janitor purloins perky pep-squad for use in black mass   D: Greydon Clark  '77

Saved!   Comedy about born-again high school and a 'good girl' gone bad - funny w/ good performances D: Brian Dannelly '04

The Score  De Niro & Edward Nortan pull complicated break in to steal valuable scepter  D: Frank Oz '01

Schindler's List  D: Steven Speilberg '93

Scream, Blackula, Scream  Pam Grier stars in one of the few sequels that's as good as the first '73

The Search for Bridey Murphy   -true account- of Investigation into Reincarnation   D: Noel Langley '56

Secondhand Lions  Michael Caine & Robert Duvall as uncles w/ unconventional farm & mysterious past '03

Secret Window  Steven King story about an author's unwitting plagiarism and a menacing man who may not be real '04

See No Evil, Hear No Evil  Gene Wilder (deaf)  & Richard Pryor (blind) are tossed into murder investigation D: Arthur Hiller

Seedpeople     The Root Of All Evil...Seedpeople  D: Peter Manoogian '92

 "7 TV Uncomercials & The Culture Jammer's Video"  - 14min 30sec -  D: Various 

The Seven Year Itch   One of the very best Marilyn Monroe comedies D: Billy Wilder '53

Sgt. Bilko   Steve Martin plays Conning Army Sgt. who grifts his way into big laughs -PFD-   '96

Shadow of the Vampire Dafoe plays Max Schreck of Nosferatu fame, in film about film - comic & dark - D: E. Ellias Merhige

Shaft's Big Score!   Shaft fights a tough crime syndicate and a corrupt police force  - DTM- D: Gorden Parks '72

Shame   Farm couple on remote island has tranquillity shattered by uninvited solders D: Ingmar Bergman '69

Shattered Glass True story about young writer who faked many articles at The New Republic & others  D: Billy Ray '03

The Shawshank Redemption   Well done prison epic staring Tim Robbins & Morgan Freeman D: Frank Darabont '94

Shipping News   Kevin Spacey as widower who movies with daughter to Newfoundland fishing village D: Lasse Hallstrom  

Shock Treatment  A Richard O'Brian (Rocky Horror Picture Show) Features BRAD & JANET in new adventure  D: Jim Sharman '81

Short Cuts   Great Ensemble Cast in multiple criss-crossing stories based on Raymond Carver stories  D: Robert Altman '93

Sibling Rivalry   D: Carl Reiner  '90

Silver Bullet     Steven King Werewolf Movie....Werewolf?  There Wolf    D: Daniel Attias '85

A Simple Plan  Bill Paxton & Billy Bob Thornton are bros. discovering  $4mill in a crashed drug plane  D:Sam Raimi '98

Singles   Obligatory twentysomethings looking for love in  Seattle movie (-I Think-) D: Cameron Crowe '92

Six Days, Seven Nights   Harrison Ford & -crazy- Hanne Heche in action comedy misadventure D: Ivan Reitman

Ski Patrol     "They're the patrol that's out of control" - Yes this is a real movie - Martin Mull puts another nail in his coffin

Sleepaway Camp    Better than average low budget horror with truly shocking ending  - BIH- '84

South Park vol 7

Son in Law   Pauly Shore as LA fish out of water @ his girlfriend's home home on the range D: Steve Rash

Spawn   "creature on the verge of creation in a battle beyond good & evil " - don't ask me...I didn't write it.  D: Mark A.Z. Dippe '97

Spider-Man   D: Sam Raimi

The Spiral Staircase             Demented Killer stalks a mute woman (Jacquelin Bisset) D: Peter Collinson '75

Stalengrad             Turning point of the German defeat in WWII          D: Joseph Vilsmale '93

Star 80    Rise and fall of Dorothy Stratten a Playboy-playmate who was murdered by obsessive boy friend D: Bob Fossee '83

Stardust Memories  Plagued by hallucinations & alien visitation director longs to be taken seriously D: Woody Allen '80

Starsky & Hutch  Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson w/ Snoop Dog in Hollywood Revival of 70s tv cop show D: Tod Phillips ''04

State and Main    Great ensemble cast about big budget film coming to small town  D: David Mamet  '00

Stay Tuned  The late great John Ritter & Pam Dawber are sucked into TVland.  D: Peter Hyams '92

The Stepford Wives  Creepy Suburban Nightmare about corporate husbands turning wives into zombies - still unsettling -

Steppenwolf  From Herman Hesse's Novel  - writer goes mad in search of self - D: Fred Haines '74

The Sting II      Complicated con involving rigged boxing matches '83

The Straight Story  Elderly man travels from Iowa to Wisconsin by lawnmower to visit his estranged brother  D: David Lynch  

Striking Distance  Bruce Willis as demoted cop still investigating a serial killer who may be a cop '92

Striptease   Single mother works as stripper (Demi Moore) & deranged congressman ( Burt Reynolds)   D:  Andrew Bergman '96

Stuff That's Gone  - WQED 13 public tv Pittsburgh

Sugar & Spice     Cheerleaders plan bank robery  D: Francine McDougall  '01

Sullivan's Travels    A True Classic - funny, poignant, schmaltzy- always good   D: Preston Sturges '41

Sunset Boulevard  A murdered man narrates the circumstances that lead to his demise -CAN- D: Billy Wilder '50

Super Size Me    Filmmaker documents his 'rigorous' thirty day fast food diet and its consequences D: Morgan Spurlock '04

Sweet and Lowdown  Sean Penn as second greatest Jazz Guitarist - more tragic than funny-  D: Woody Allen '99














Table One  Good cast about friends who open up bar together D: Michael Bregman '99

Taking Lives Angelina Jolie & Ethan Hawke in thriller about killer who roams the country the identities of his victims '04

Tank Girl Comic Book turned Movie about post-apocalyptic future D: Rachel Talalay '95

Teenage Devil Dolls  50s J.D. flick '53

The Terminator  The Govinator is a robot sent to the past to kill a child who will one day lead the rebellion  D:James Cameron '84

Terminator 2 - Judgment Day  This time he's a good robot (same model) sent back to protect D: James Cameron '99

Terminator 3 - Rise of the Machines  I think he's still good in this one - and the bad 'bot is  XX   D: Jonathan Mostow '03

The Thing  ...from another world that is.  Classic monster movie set in Arctic outpost w/ recent UFO discovery   '51

Things That Aren't There Anymore - WQED 13 public tv Pittsburgh

The Thirsty Dead   Cult uses a "Magic Leaf" mixed with blood to attain eternal youth  D: Terry Becker

Three Amigos  Steve Martin, Chevy Case & Martin Short as silent-screen has-beens tossed into real danger  D: John Landis  '86

3 Days of the Condor   Redford as CIA agent forced to fight when superiors turn bad D: Sydney Pollack '75

Three Men & A Baby    Three Manhattan bachelors stuck raising a baby ...Highly Illogical!   D: Leonard Nimoy

Time Bandits   Troupe of tiny bandits with a map of Time Space & its rips - adventure w/ schoolboyD: Terry Gilliam '81

The Time Machine  Classic H.G. Wells sci-fi about Victorian inventor who travels to the distant future D:George Pal '60

They Call Me Bruce?    Johnny Yune is a Bruce Lee Wannabee - 'zany misadventures' - '83

They Call Me Mister Tibbs!  Sidney Poitier returns a detective Virgil Tibbs, this time busting a SanFran Crime Syndicate '70

The Towering Inferno  Irwin Allen's star studded disaster flick about the titanic of luxury high-rises '74

The Tuxedo Jackie Chan is a cabby who acquires a supper-spy-suit and is vaulted into action comedy mayhem

Traffic   Interweaving stories about the war on drugs and it's various tolls -great cast- D: Steven Soderbergh '00

The Twelve Chairs   Set in 20s Russia the story of a wacky search for jewels sewn into a chair D: Mel Brooks '70

The Tom Green Show  - Tonsil Hockey  Wait a second....this guy's rich!  -FTW-

Topsy-Turvy  Funny look at the cantankerous relationship between musical collaborators Gilbert & Sullivan D: Mike Leigh '99  

Total Recall    Decent Sci-Fi based on Philip K. Dick...staring the Govinator D: Paul Verhoeven '90

The Toxic Avenger  - Bullied nerd is transformed via industrial waist into mutant superhero - Troma flagship - '84

The Toxic Avenger pt. III - The Last Temptation of Toxie  '89

True Confessions   Robert(s) Duvall & De Niro as brothers Cop & Priest dealing with a murder   D: Ulu Grosbard '81

Twenty Bucks  The lives of a dozen people and the $20 bill that passes between them '93

Twin Peaks  Series premiere TV-movie - WIHTWS - D: David Lynch '89

200 Cigarettes  New Year's Eve 1981 -many talents make this enjoyable - D: Risa Bramon Garcia '99




Vanishing Point   Denver to San Fran in 15hrs, an ex-racer eludes police.TMS  D: Richard Sarafian '71

The Varrow Mission  Like a movie made at a theatrical summer camp - ExtraLow Budget UFO Horror

Vertigo   Acrophobic detective hired to trail a friend's suicidal wife  D: Alfred Hitchcock '58 

A Very Brady Sequel     Campy send up of tv family - makes jokes we were all thinking - D: Arlene Sanford '96

VIBES   Cyndi Lauper & Jeff Goldblum as psychics on treasure hunt in the Andes  '88

A View To A Kill  Roger Moore as 007 w/ bad guy Christopher Walken & (Syracuse Native) Grace Jones D: John Glen '85

The Violent Years  50s J.D. Flick - Cheap Trills Masterpiece  D: Ed Wood

The Virgin Suicides  Small town 70s a brood of moody sisters gets moodier when their youngest commits

                                     suicide and their parents attempt to insulate themselves from the world. D: Sofia Coppola '00



Wait Until Dark  A blind woman (A. Hepburn) receives a doll stuffed with smuggled heroin   D: Terence young '67

Wall Street  Young executive climbs the rungs of high finance and cooperate espionage D: Oliver Stone '87

The Waterboy  Adam Sandler as waterboy whose bottled up anger turns him into a football powerhouse D: Frank Coraci

Welcome to the Dollhouse  Another Solondz Standout - dark, funny...uncomfortable for some - D: Todd Solondz'95

What About Bob?    Bill Murray & Richard Dreyfuss - Annoying Patient Helps Shrink - D: Frank Oz

Where the Green Ants Dream Aboriginal resistance to mining company on sacred land    D: Werner Herzog '85

The Wind and the Lion  Sword-n-Desert Epic  -Sean Connery & Candice Bergen- D:John Milius '75

Windtalkers    Nicolas Cage in charge of protecting a WWII Navajo Code Talker  D: John Woo '02

Willow  Sweeping Fantasy Adventure from the pen of Geo. Lucas & Staring Jim Morrison & a small man D: Ron Howard '88

The Woman In Red   Gene Wilder as ordinary man who glimpses woman of his dreams  D: Gene Wilder '84

Wonderland    Val Kilmer as porn star John Holmes & his link to infamous '81 Hollywood homicides.

Woo        Blind date between mild mannered law student and wild party girl D: Daisy V.S. Mayer '98




The Year of Living Dangerously  Revolution in Indonesia   D: Peter Weir '82

Young Frankenstein   Great and Hilarious cast make this one of Books' best        D: Mel Brooks '74

Young Guns II    D: Geoff Murphy '90

ZOMBIE   Italian flesh eating cheepie D: Lucio Fulci '80




     BAND OF BROTHERS  (6 Tapes)  - Well Done W.W. II HBO Mini-series produced by Spielberg & Hanks  '02



     THE PINK PANTHER  - Funny Series of films stars Peter Sellers as bumbling French Inspector Clouseau in a

                                        variety of  mysteries and capers - all  D: Blake Edwards  (5 tapes - listed in order)

                The Pink Panther  '63

                A Shot in the Dark '64

                The Pink Panther Strikes Again '76

                Revenge of the Pink Panther  '78

                Tail of the Pink Panther '82


     The X-Files  (4 tapes so far, 2 episodes on each tape)


                - Pilot / Deep Throat

                - Squeeze / Tooms

                - Humbug / Anasazi

                - Small Potatoes / Gethsemane


     Red Shoe Diaries (6 Tapes)  HBO's adult series features numerous steamy situations 


                Burning Up (RSD 1)

                Double Dare (RSD 2)

                Another Woman's Lipstick (RSD 3)

                Auto Erotica (RSD 4)

                Weekend Pass (RSD 5)

                How I Met My Husband (RSD 6)         

     (Similar Territory - but not RSD)    

                Embrace of the Vampire  Alyssa Milano stars in blue vampire movie - NBV!-  D: Anne Goursaud

                Luscious   Erotic Thriller '99

                Night Eyes  - Erotic Thriller -  Andrew Stevens & Tanya Roberts '90

                Smooth Operator Erotic Adventure '95


     Titanic - The Mystery & The Legacy (5 Tapes)  Educational Series about famed disaster ship


                - Echoes of Titanic

                - Titanic Remembered

                - The Captain of the Titanic

                - Titanic: End of an Era

                - The Mystery & The Legacy


     America's Historic Steam Railroads -  (4 Tapes)


                - Strasberg & Newhamshire

                - Cumbers & Toltec - Roaring Camp & Big Trees

                - Grand Canyon & Califorina Western

                - Cass Scenic & Illinois Railway Museum


     Nature Documentaries


                Elk of the Northern Herd

                Trumpeter Blues

                Snow Dog

                Polar Oasis & Island of the Kings