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            Robert Altman

M*A*S*H*    (the movie-from a book- that started the tv series) '70

McCabe & Mrs Miller  (west. Warren Beatty,  Julie Christie)                      

The Player  ( w/Tim Robins as movie exec. involved in murder) '92

Streamers    '83


            Alejandro Jodorowsky  

Fando & Lis  D: Alejandro Jodorowsky   (Caused riot at '68 premier; w/doc about AJ) '68

Santa Sangre  D: Alejandro Jodorowsky (Rare Film from even Rarer Director) '90  



             Martin Scorsese

After Hours (A date gone bad leaves Griffen Dunne stranded in an unfamiliar neighborhood) '85

The Age of Innocence D: Martin Scorsese '93

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore  ( The movie the tv show "Alice" was based on) '74

Cape Fear    (admirable remake of 50s classic w/De Niro & Noltie)

Goodfellas (true story mob epic w/ R. De Nero, J. Pesci, R. Liotta) 

Gangs of New York    (Brutal gangs and revenge in 1880s NYC)

King of Comedy  (w/ De Niro & Jerry Lewis, obsessed fan comedy) '82

The Last Waltz   doc (The Band's Last Concert w/lots of guests) '78

Raging Bull    (w/De Niro & Pesci,  Jake LaMotta story, boxer) '80

Taxi Driver   (psst.  I think he's talking to you) '76


            p.t. anderson

Boogie Nights  (the height and then waning years of 70s-80s porn w/ big cast, great songs) '97

Hard Eight  (Anderson's (Boogie Nights) first movie) '96

Magnolia (3rd p.t.a. film with his many regs. and some new faces) '99

Punch Drunk Love   (4th film from p.t.a. w/ Adam Sandler)


            Stanley Kubrick

Full Metal Jacket    (one of the best War/Kubrick Films ever) '87

The Shining    (Jack Nicholson in best of Steven King movies) '80

The Killing     (Early Kubrick film-noir) '56



            Alan Parker

Bugsy Malone   music (kids as ol' time gangsters Scott Baio &  Jodie Foster) '76

Midnight Express   (true story of why you should never smuggle hash out of Turkey) '78

The Road to Wellville    (very funny movie about health guru Kellogg) '94



            Steven Spielberg

Empire of the Sun  (WW II  epic about English boy left in Japan) '87

Jaws               (Giant great white shark terrorizes small tourist community) '75   LTBX

Jurassic Park 

Minority Report (Based of Philip K. Dick s.f. about pre-crime enforcement) 2002

1941    (John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd and many others) '79 LTBX

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade  ( w/ Sean Connery as Indiana's father ) '89

Sugarland Express (Speilberg's 1st feature)


            Jim Jarmusch

Dead Man   (w/Johnny Depp  cameos by many incld. Iggy Pop) '95

Down by Law (great 2nd movie from Jarmusch with Roberto Bennini, Tom Waits and John Lurie) '86

Stranger Than Paradise (Jarmusch' 1st feature)


            Coen Brothers

O'Brother, Where Art Thou?  D: Coen Brothers  ("Modern" retelling of the Odyssey. set durring 30s depression)2002

Fargo  ('true story' about a car salesman who has his wife kidnapped to finace a big deal - you betcha)


            Polish Brothers

NorthFork     (Polish Bro. 3rd, in "town name" trilogy w/James Woods)

Twin Falls Idaho  (Polish bros.1st film; conjoined twins in love with hooker) '99

Jackpot    (bittersweet comedy about would-be singer and manager on the kerioki circuit) '99



            Wes Anderson

Bottle Rocket   (child hood friends with big plans get waylaid at a desert motel; Anderson's 1st) '95

Royal Tenenbaums 

Rushmore    '98


            Nicolas Roeg

Aria  D:  many include. Ken Russell, Nicolas Roag, Robert Altman (Ten directors, Ten arias) '88

Don't Look Now    (creepy psychic-thriller w/ Donald Sutherland) '73

The Man Who Fell to Earth   (Classic; Sci-Fi Star's David Bowie as spaceman) '76

Walkabout   LTBX (Aboriginal boy guides two lost kids to safety) great '71



            Ken Russell

Aria  D:  many include. Ken Russell, Nicolas Roag, Robert Altman (Ten directors, Ten arias) '88

Altered States   (William Hurt as a researcher who mixes magic mushrooms with isolation chamber) '80

Gothic (Russel's take on the "haunted summer" of Lord Byron & Percy Shelley) '87

Crimes of Passion     (Anthony Perkins as skid-row sex crazed preacher) '84

The Devils     (one of his best - set during the inquisition in a nunnery) '71

The Lair of the White Worm   (based on the last writings of Bram Stoker) '88

The Rainbow    (Ken Russell does D.H. Lawrence) '89

Whore       '91     

Tommy  (The Who's rock opera broght to life by Ken Russell)


            Hal Hartley

Amateur   '94

Flirt   '95

Henry Fool   (a garbage man inspired by a stranger in town writes a poem that changes the world) '98

No Such Thing  (cruel tabloid tv show sends office flunky to Iceland to find real monster) 2002

Simple Men  '92

Surviving Desire 

Trust    '91


            Jean-Jacques Annaud

The Name of the Rose (from the Umberto Eco novel, w/ Sean Connery) '86

Quest for Fire   (Great Cave Man Epic)

The Bear   (Beautifully shot and told) '89


            Peter Jackson

Heavenly Creatures    (true story of matricide by two teenage girlfriends) '94

Lord of the Rings, the   (Fellowship of the Ring)

Lord of the Rings      (Two Towers)

Meet the Feebles   (It's Like X-rated muppets on drugs - not 4 kids!-) '89

The Frighteners    (Ghost capper with M.J. Fox - good FX- very fun)


                Spike Jonze

Adaptation    ( Nicolas Cage, Meryl Streep, Chris Cooper) 2002

Being John Malkovich   (Gender bending body switching comedy) '99


          Paul Schrader

Blue Collar   D:Paul Schrader (with Richard Pryor in strong dramatic role) '78

Auto Focus D: Paul Schraider  (about tv's Bob Crain (Hogans Heros) who became a sex addict and was found murdered) '02

Cat People D: Paul Schrader (Nistashia Kinski and Rodney McDowell -horror-thriller)


            Errol Morris

Fast, Cheap & Our of Control doc (a lion tamer, topiary gardner, robot builder & mole rat expert) '96

Gates of Heaven  doc (poignant and funny about pet cemetery)

Mr. Death   doc ( a guy who builds execution devices for prisons) -great-

Thin Blue Line  doc (this film played a crucial part in getting it's subject out of prison) '88