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Pacific Heights D: John Schlesinger (thriller about young couple who rents to the wrong guy) '90

Pandemonium  D: Julian Temple  (about Collrage & Wordsworth & drugs) 2001

Paper Chase,the   D: James Bridges (Timothy Bottoms in law school dramady) '73

Paradise Lost    D:                doc( about local "gothic" kids accused of brutal child murder)

Paradise Lost 2 - revelations  D:         doc(update on the ongoing case) -both are gripping-

Partisans of Villa   D: Josh Waletzky  doc (about the French resistance in WWII) '86

Peggy Sue Got Married  D: Francis Ford Coppola  '86

Perfect Candidate, A   D:                    doc( Oliver North's failed bid for congress)

Pet Cemetery D: Mary Lambert (Sometimes dead is better) 89

Peter Pan  (Mary Martin plays the boy who will never grow up in this musical production) 60

Philadelphia      D:Jonathan Demme    (w/Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington) '93

Picnic at Hanging Rock  D: Peter Weir (based on true story of several girls who went missing at a picnic) '75 LTBX

Plan 9 from Outer Space  D: Ed Wood (it's easy to see why the other eight plans failed)

Planet of the Apes   D:                      (w/ Chuck Heston, from an idea by Rod Serling)

                - Beneath the...                  (the story continues where the other one left off)

                - Escape from...               (story continues - with a trip back in time)

                -Conquest of....               (story continues - and we see how this all started)

                -Battle for....                   (story continues - somewhere in time - final film - whew! 


Platoon D: O. Stone (The movie that proved Stanley Kubrik is one of the all time great directors) 86

Player, the   D: Robert Altman  ( w/Tim Robins as movie exec. involved in murder) '92

Play Misty for Me  D: Clint Eastwood  (good thriller about radioDJ (Clint) and his stalker) '71

Point Of No Return  D: John Badham  (Young crook is recruted as secret government assasan) 93

Police Story D: Jackie Chan (Big Action Again) 85

Prairie Home Companion, A - the last show   St.v.(P.H.C. left the air in 1987, it came back)

Prick Up Your Ears  D:Steven Frears (Gary Oldman and Alfread Molina;  about playwright Joe Orton) '87

Princesses Bride D: Rob Reiner  (Storybook Tail that’s as Un-Storybook as they come - a classic)  87

Producers, the    D: Mell Brooks  (Gene Wilder, Zero Mostel, very zany) '68

Professional, the  D: Luc Besson  (Hit Man saves young girl and trains her in the business) '94

Prom Night 3 (A murdered high school girl returns from the grave for revenge) 89

Proof    (A blind man photographs the world as "proof" that it’s really as others describe it) 91

Psycho D: Gus Van Sant (A recreation of the nightmare that started it all...don’t ask me why!) 98

Psycho II (Norman Bates returns home to be greeted by who else but his mother!) 83

Psychomania   D: Don Sharp (British B-horror about undead motorcycle gang) '73

Pumpkin  D: A. Broder & T. Abrams  (perfect sorority girl Christina Ricci falls for "Special Olympian" Hank Harris) '02

Punch Drunk Love  D: P.T. Anderson  (4th film from p.t.a. w/ Adam Sandler)




Q                     D: Larry Cohen      (Dragon in NYC) '82

Quatermass Xperiment, the  D: Val Guest  (-the creeping unknown- Brit. SF/Horror) '56

Quest for Fire   D: Jean-Jaques Annaud (Great Cave Man Epic)

Quick Change    D: Bill Murray & Howard Franklin   (Bill Murray, Gina Davis, Randy Quaid) '90





Rage Against the Machine –Various concert footage from world tour, mostly in Europe. Vhs

Raging Bull      D: Martin Scorsese   (w/De Niro & Pesci,  Jake LaMotta story, boxer) '80

Raiders of the Buddhist Kung Fu  D: Godfrey Ho (laughable – at best!) 82

Rainbow, the  D: Ken Russell    (Ken Russell does D.H. Lawrence) '89

Rainbow Spirit (Rainbow Family Songbook  Question: How do they get their whites so white?) vhs

Real Genius     D: Martha Coolidge (goofy 80s about geeky collage kids - w/ Val Kilmer) '85

Real Life    D: Albert Brooks   (his first and one of his best, with many laughs) '79

Rebel Without a Cause   D: Nicholas Ray  (James Dean, Natalie Wood, Sal Minio) '55

Red Balloon, the D: Albert Lamorisse  (A Boy & His Balloon;  charming) '56

Reform School Girl  (The only witness to a car theft later framed and sent to reform school.) 57

Remo Williams - the adventure begins...  D: Guy Hamilton  (and ends - this was the only one) '85

Repo Man    D: Alex Cox  (Emilio Estevez, Harry Dean Stanton, punk-rock-must) '83

Reservoir Dogs   D:  Quentin Tarantino  (Robbery gone very very bad) '92

Rhinestone  (Dolly Parton tries turning Sly Stalone into a Country Singer to win a bet) ‘84

Richard Pryor - here & now  D:                              (concert film of R.P. @ his best)

Richard Pryor - live & smokin'   D:                          (club footage of early R.P.)

Risky Business   D: Paul Brickman  (young Tom Cruise turns pimp while parents are away) '83

Rivers Edge  D: Tim Hunter  (Crispen Glover, Dennis Hopper 80s teen-angst classic) '87

Roadside Prophets  D: Abbe Wool   (John Doe & Adam Horovitz on motorcycles) '92

Road Scholar   D:              (Andrei Codrescu (from NPR) travels this strange land of ours)

Road to Wellville, the   D: Alan Parker  (very funny movie about health guru Kellogg) '94

Rocky & Bullwinkle – Birth of Bullwinkle

Rollerball         D: Norman Jewison  (James Caan stars in this original version) '75

Romeo & Juliet   D: Baz Luhrmann  (slick update with Leo Decaprio & Claire Danes)

Romeo Must Die D: Andrzej Bartkowiak (An avenging cop seeks out his brother's killer) 00Room Service      D: William A Seiter (Marx Brothers  w/young Lucy Ball) '38

Rosalie Goes Shopping   D: Percy Adion (satire about American consumerism) '89

Rosemary's Baby  D: Roman Polanski    (Very good -n- creepy Spawn of Satin movie) '68

Royal Tenenbaums  D: Wes Anderson

Royal Wedding D: Stanley Donen   (Fred Astaire and Jane Powell) ‘51 vhs

Rubin and Ed    D: Trent Harris  (Crispen Glover and Howard Hesseman in strange buddy flick) '92

The Ruling Class  (An insane son inherites his wealthy fathers estate w/ Peter O’Toole) 72

Rumble Fish    D: Francis Ford Coppola '83

Rumble in the Bronx (Forced to fight a NYC street gang – No Fear. No Stuntman. No Equal) 95

Rushmore         D: Wes Anderson '98

Rutles, the   D: Gary Weis & Eric Idle  (Mock-Rock-umentary- "All You Need Is Cash" band - many cameos)





Salvador   D: Oliver Stone   (James Woods as photo-journalist in El Salvador) '86

Santa Sangre  D: Alejandro Jodorowsky (Rare Film from even Rarer Director) '90  

Satan Bug, the    D:                                      (scary germ-warfare movie from the 60s)

Saturday Night Fever  D: John Badham  (the film, the craze, the white suite) '77

Say Anything  D: Cameron Crowe  (John Cusack & Ione Sky in teen-angst love story) good '89

Scariest Places on Earth               tv  (Linda Blair hosts) - some stuff pretty scary -

Schizopolis   D: Steven Soderbergh  (very strange and funny - too hard to explain) '97

School House Rock   (cartoon ABC music shorts) 4 vols.  math,science,grammer,hist/gov

Scotland PA   D:                    (w/ Christopher Walken, Macbeth in 70s PA fast-food motif)

Seance on a Wet Afternoon   D: Bryan Forbes  (interesting movie centers around a "psychic medium") '64

Seconds  D: John Frankenheimer (Rock Hudson; a very strange movie that received a very limited release) '66

Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb  D: David Borthwick  (surreal animation) '93

Secret of Roan Inish, the  D: John Sayles  (Tales of Mer-folk in Ireland) '93

Seizure  D: Oliver Stone     (Schlock horror, w/ Herve "De Plane, De Plane" Valeches) '74

Serpent & The Rainbow, the  D: Wes Craven (ethno-botanist in search of zombie powder) '87

Seven-per-cent Solution  D: Herbert Ross  (Dr. Freud helps Sherlock Holmes kick coke)

Seven   D: David Fincher     (Brad Pitt & Morgan Freeman hunt serial killer)

Shadows       D: John Cassavettes   (60s indi. from maverick film maker Cassavettes) '60

Shadow of the Templars   doc (BBC funded - from the authors of Holy Blood Holy Grail)

Shall We Dance D: Sandrich  (musical) 37

Shampoo    D: Hal Ashby     (Warren Beaty as hair stylist to the rich and famous) '75

Shining,the  D: Stanley Kubrick   (Jack Nicholson in best of Steven King movies) '80

Shock Corridor  D: Samuel Fuller  (Reporter seeks scoop about a murder by posing as a patient in a mental ward) '63

Sid & Nancy  D: Alex Cox        (w/ Gary Oldman as Sid) '86

Silence of the Lambs D: Jonathan Demme (On hunt 4 serial killer, FBI agent (Foster) interviews psycho (Hoppkins) '91

Simon   D: Marshall Brickman    (Alan Arkin as nyu Prof. who thinks he's an E.T.) '80

Simple Men  D:  Hal Hartley '92

Sister Street Fighter (A ladykiller meets lady killer! Fun, Senseless insanity)

Six-String Samurai   D: Lance Mungia  (Buddy Holly meets Kung-Foo meets Road Warrior) '98

Sixteen Candles  D: John Hughes  (non-gritty comedy about teens-n-suburbia, classic 80s) '84

Skin Game       D: Paul Bogart   (James Garner and Louis Gosset in con-game) '71

Slacker  D: Richard Linklater  (stream -of- consciousness comedy set in Austin tx) '91

The Slaughter Rule  (football movie)  2002

Slaughterhouse Five  D: George Roy Hill      (the film version of Vonogetts book) '72

Slums of Beverly Hills  D: Tamara Jenkins (funny coming of age in 70s LA w/ good cast) '98

Slumber Party Massacre D: Amy Holden Jones (The Ultimate Driller Killer Thriller) ‘82

Smile   D: Michael Ritchie  (comedy about teen beauty pageants) '75

Smoke  D: Wayne Wang  (Harvey Keitel, William Hurt, Forest Witaker)

Smoke Signals (A son & friend travel off the reservation to reclaim his estranged fathers ashes) 98

A Soldier's Story      D: Norman Jewison   (murder mystery takes place during segregation era army) '84

Something Wicked This Way Comes  D: Jack Clayton  (classic Ray Bradbarry) '83

Something Wild   D: Jonathan Demme '83

Soylent Green    D: Richard Fleischer  (w/ Chuck "from my cold dead hands" Heston) psst - it's people '73

Spectacular Disasters    (hosted by Mr. Sulu)

Splash D: Ron Howard (The ultimate Man loves Mermaid movie) 84

Star Wars    D: George Lucas        (the original - if you ever need to see it again) '77

Stonewall    D: Nigel Finch  (dramady about the era of Stonewall Riots - gay rights) '95

Stranger than Paradise  D: Jim Jarmusch      (Jarmusch's first feature) '84

Streamers      D: Robert Altman '83

Steve Martin Live                                     (Concert of S.M. in his hey-day, with short)

Street Car Named Desire,A  D: Elia Kazan  (Brando at his best - very very good) '51

Streetwise     D: Martin Bell  doc (about Seattle's street kids, from a Life Magazine art.) '84

Stripes   D:  Harold Ramis         (Bill Murray as misfit who goes into the Army) '81

Straight out of Brooklyn  D: Matty Rich (Rich's debut, gritty drama about teens-n-hood) '91

The Student Prince (Witty dialogue, sparkling performances, and the singing of Mario Lanza) 54

Suddenly, Last Summer    D: Joseph L. Mankiewicz    (Elizabeth Taylor, Tennessee Williams classic)

Sugarland Express, the   D: Steven Speilberg  (1st S.S. film, true story, Goldie Hawn) '74        

Super Cop D: Stanley Tong (Chan teams with Michelle Yeoh) 93

Surviving Desire  D:  Hal Hartley

Sweetie   D: Jane Campion        (Qwerkie Aussie comedy about two sisters, one strange)

Swimming to Cambodia  D: Jonathan.Demme (Spalding Gray's monologue) very good '87

Swing Time  D: George Stevens  (Screw-Ball love comedy in big band world) 36 vhs

Switchblade Sisters   D: Jack Hill  (Rolling thunder re-release of 70s grrrl-gang flick) '75






The Talented Mr. Ripley   D: Anthony Minghella '99                 

Tales from the Crypt  D: Freddie Francis (Peter Cushing, Joan Collins, Sir Ralph Richardson) '72

Talk Radio  D: Oliver Stone  (about hated radio talk show host) '88

Talk to Her (2 men share an odd friendship while caring for girlfriends in deep comas) 02

Taps     D: Harold Becker  (Tim Hutton, Sean Penn, cadets take over military school) '81

Taxi Driver   D: Martin Scorsese   (psst.  I think he's talking to you) '76

Tender Mercies D; Bruce Beresford  (Robert Duval plays a troubled family man and country singer) '83

Them!   D: Gordon Douglas   (50s drive-in giant ant movie!) '54

Theremin - an electronic odyssey D: Steven M. Martin  doc (That 50sSciFi, Beach Boys sound's a Theremin) '95

Things are Tough all Over (Cheech & Chong are hired to drive a car from Chicago to Las Vegas. ) 82

Thirty-two Short Films About Glenn Gould   D: Francois Girard (interesting person/movie)

This is what democracy looks like  DOC (Street protests against the WTO Summit in Seattle, 99) 00

Three O'Clock High   D: Phil Joanou  (under-appreciated high school comedy) '87

Thin Blue Line  D:  Errol Morris  doc (this film played a crucial part in getting it's subject out of prison) '88

Tigrero - the film that never was D:                      doc(Jim Jarmusch & Samuel Fuller travel)

Till The Clouds Roll By  (The mammoth musical of Jerome Kern's dramatic life story) 46

Time After Time   D: Nicholas Meyer   (H.G. Wells battles Jack the Ripper in Frisco) '79

Tin Men   D: Barry Levinson (part of the Baltimore trilogy; this one's about aluminum siding salesmen)

Tommy        D: Ken Russel   (Russel adds his look to The Who's pin-ball rock opera) '75

Tom Sawyer  D: Don Taylor    musical '73

Tom Thumb      D: George Pal   (George Pal FX -50s) '58

Tom Waits:Big Time   D:                         (rare concert film, Waits is Great - as always)

Top Hat D: Mark Sandrich  (One of the best Fred Astair films ever! Very Funny & Charming) 35 vhs


Touch of Evil   D: Orson Welles   (maybe the best Welles film ever, restored to his vision) '58       

Training Day     D: Antoine Fuqua  (Denzel Washington as corrupt cop) 2001

Transformers – Vol. 7 “Transport to Oblivion”

Trekkies     D: Roger Nygard   doc (Verry funny, not just for Star Trek Fans!!!) '99

Tribute   D:  Bob Clark   (Jack Lemmon give fine performance) '80

Tristan und Isolde  (opera) dvd

True Confessions (Estranged brothers – a preist & a detective sorting out a murder case)  81

True Romance            D: Tony Scott

True Stories    D: David Byrne   (quirky slice of life movie, w/ John Goodman and others) '86

Trust   D: Hal Hartley  '91

2000 year-old man, the  D:             (animated version of Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner routines)

2010        D: Peter Hyams   (sequel to the book and movie 2001) '84

20 Million Miles to Earth  D: Nathan Juran  (Fx by Ray Harryhausen) '57

Twilight Zone -the movie-  D: -several- (Big Directors re-do classic episodes) '83

Twilight Zone treasure chest          tv (Original Series, special episodes/rare footage)

Twin Falls Idaho D: Michael Polish (Polish bros.1st film; conjoined twins in love with hooker) '99

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre  D: Tobe Hooper  (low budget classic with less blood than you'd think) '74




UFOs Are Real               tv

UFO Chronicles             tv

UFORIA  D: John Binder  (goofy comedy with Fred Ward, Cindy Williams, Harry Dean Stanton) '81

Under the Cherry Moon D: Prince (2 friends in the Mediterranean  live by conning rich women) 86

Until the End of the World   D: Wim Wenders  (John Hurt invents sight for the blind) '91

The Usual Suspects  D: Bryan Singer '95





Valley Girl    D: Martha Coolidge  (80s romance-comedy between Punk and Valley Girl) '83

Valley of the Dolls   D: Mark Robson  (famous 60s flick about rich-California girls on drugs) '67

Vampires Kiss  D: Robert Bierman  (Nicholas Cage as business man who thinks he's a vampire) '88

Vanilla Sky   D:                  (Am-remake of Spanish “open your eyes" ) w/Tom Cruise

Vibes  (Jeff Goldblum & Cyndi Lauper as Psychics hired to find lost temple..Cheesy but fun 80s) 88

Victory   D: John Huston  (P.O.W. soccer team plays against Nazis in hopes of escape) '81

Village of the Damned   D: Wolf Rilla   (50s, one of the original creepy kid movies) '60






Waco - the rules of engagement D: William Gazecki   doc (revelations about FBI handling of Waco) '97

Waiting for the Moon   D: Jill Godmilow   (about Alice B. Toklas and Gertrude Stein) '87

Waiting for Guffman  D: Christopher Guest   (Small town Blaine, Missouri puts on a pageant) ‘96

Walkabout  D:Nicolase Roag  LTBX (Aboriginal boy guides two lost kids to safety) great '71

Wallace & Grommet  "the wrong trousers"  D: Nick Park  (really good claymation) '95

War of the Worlds   D: Byron Haskin   (H.G.Welles; Martians invade earth) '53

The Water Engine   D: Steven Schachter  (from the David Mamet play w/ William H. Macy) '92

The Weather Underground (Radical activists of the 60) 02

The Wedding Singer  D: Frank Coraci  (Adam Sandler & Drew Barrimore set in 80s) '97

West World     D: Michael Crichton  (70s Michael Criton, futuristic robotic theme-parks gone haywire) '73

Whale Music   D:  Richard J. Lewis  (Redemption of a faded rock star through love and music.) 94

What Ever Happened to Baby Jane   D: Robert Aldrich  (Betty Davis and Joan Crawford) very good '62

What's Eating Gilbert Grape  D: Lasse Hallstrom  '93

What's New Pussycat?  D: Clive Donner  (Woody Allen wrote/stars w/Peters Sellers & O'Toole) '65

What's Up Doc?  Peter Bogdanovich  (tribute to screwball comedies of the 30s-40s w/ Babs and Ryan O'Neil) '72

Which Way Is Up?    D: Clive Donner  (Richard Pryor in several roles) '65

Whore       D: Ken Russell    '91  

The Wild Bunch      D: Sam Peckinpaw  (brutal western about fading outlaws) '69

The Wild One  D: Laslo Benedek (w/ Marlon Brando; Motorcycle gang takes over small California town) '54

The Wiz  D: Sidney Lumet   musical( Diana Ross/Dorothy,Michael Jackson/Scarecrow) '78

The Wizard of Oz  D: Victor Fleming  musical (original; sync w/PFloyd's Dard Side - IT WORKS!) '39

The Wolfman         D: George Waggner  (classic monster move w/Lon Cheanny Jr.) '41

Wonderful World of the Bros. Grimm  D: henry Levin 7 George Pat '62      

Woo  (Extravert “Woo” meets insecure and straight-laced law clerk Tim at a blind date) ‘98

The World According to Garp  D: George Roy Hill   (one of Robin William's best movies) '82








  Xanadu  D: Robert Greewald  (Olivia Newton John & Gene Kelly in Roller-skate-disco-odyssey) '80





Young Sherlock Holmes   D: Barry Levinson  (fun adventure film with cool FX) '85

Yours, mine and Ours  D: Melville Shavelson (L. Ball & H. Fonda - singles w/ too many kids meet and marry) '68




Zed & Two Naughts, A  D: Peter Greenaway  (strange story of twin brothers and a zoo) '88